Tori Speaks on the

Following topics:

Parenting, discipline, marriage, communication, conflict resolution,
and anxiety management.

Her Most Popular Talks:

Improving Relationships From the Inside Out

In this retreat series, Tori shares some great ideas for opening up communication, understanding, and ways to move your relationships forward.

Dealing With Anxiety

In this talk, Tori shares very practical ways to handle
 the anxieties that life brings.  

Bringing Healing Into Relationships
Finding out what “blocks” have

developed (sometimes unknown to us)

in our relationships is key to moving on to
healing and restoration.  


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  Flexible. Speaks with a servant's heart.

        Please contact for honorariums. 

Comments about  Tori’s
 Speaking Ministry

Tori's energy and sense of humor match up
with her passion for the Lord.

What a gifted speaker! She is funny, warm, thoughtful, energetic and engaging! She is easy to follow and understand while challenging, inspiring and motivating.

She is very articulate and personable. She connects!

She has a Godly confidence that motivates.She uses personal stories to teach application and they are great!

She is able to organize her thoughts, and teach with simplicity and clarity.  She connects with people - NO doubt about it!

She is able to speak God's truth into people's lives with love, encouragement and challenge. She's not afraid or timid and speaks with God-Confidence!

I loved the life experiences that she used to underscore her points. She is not afraid to use her mistakes to benefit her audience!

It’s so easy to follow her messages. You know the Spirit is prompting her to add or delete while she is speaking. She down to earth, relatable, offers practical application, encourages, empowers, asks great questions and all of this without overwhelming her audience!

She has an unshakable faith that challenges others. She's dynamic....that' all I can every way dynamic.
You can tell she has been with God.

She is passionate about God's truths and in her speaking. God shines in all she does and says. Her character of love and encouragement is obvious to all who meet her. She's real....
and she is so funny and engages her audiences.

I love how thought provoking she is.....really challenged me and I could relate to her "realness."

With her engaging style, she knows where she wants to go and she gets you there.God's truth is so deep within her heart
that it comes out of her pores.

The Holy Spirit uses her exuberant personality to convey the truth.

She's authentic on and off the speaking podium.
She strives to follow Jesus in her daily walk.

She is committed to humility and honesty --
even in sharing her shortcomings!

She uses every day conversation and illustrations so
clearly that you are never lost but can "get it!"

She's the favorite! We want her back! She's great with taking questions and answering with sensitivity.

She relates well to all ages. We were blessed to have her.She's superior. ...truly gifted.... truly loving and caring!

I can't recommend her enough...just so you don't take her on a weekend that we want her to speak to us! Her heart for Christ shines as she connects to audiences.

She knows the Word, but also knows human weakness and gives grace and no judgment.  She is so tenderhearted, full of love and gives hope to all who are fortunate to hear her speak.

She's a treasure as she shares God's treasured truths. She lives to know Christ better and that is contagious!

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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 Tori Dabasinkas

Treasured Truths

About Tori and her ministry:  


   Tori is passionate about Jesus and people! She is a graduate from the University of Southern California with her BA in Communications and her MA in Counseling at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA.

    Practicing for over 20 years, she is currently a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Private Practice and the Founder/Director of WIT Professionals, a Wellness Integrated Team serving Professionals on the West Coast.

    She views the invitation to join people's life story as a privilege. Whether individually or with a large group of people, motivating others to live to their fullest potential in relationship with God and one another is one of her greatest joys.

      Married 23+ years, parenting two kids -now teens, and being the wife of a USC Football center turned non-denominational Christian Pastor has provided a phenomenal life journey.

    Walking numerous people through family faith experiences, teaching missionaries internationally, temporarily living in Israel and Dominican Republic, facilitating groups in the special needs community, and facilitating/ teaching multiple classes has provided Tori with a wealth of personal and professional exper-iences to love all people deeply.

     When it comes to speaking, Tori tailors her talks to the requests of the church community. Her specialties have involved:
Parenting Consultation - Discipline and Leadership with Intentionality and Love; Peacemaking through Conflict in Marriage; Anxiety / Depression - utilizing the strengths developed when coping with difficult moods.

      Tori is currently parenting teenagers, working in a private counseling practice, directing an integrated wellness program and working on a Hand Book for Families.