Her Newest Retreat Topics:

A Dwelling For His Name
and Beautifully Rooted

Set Free: He Put a New Song in My Mouth!

Living day by day with a new look on life and the freedom we have in Christ. What song has He given you? What is the tone of your voice? Are your words sharp or do they direct others to Christ? What do our children hear when there is no one else around? Are you speaking words of truth and encouragement?

Patterns of our Lives

How God, the master quilter, takes the light and dark pieces of our lives and connects them with His grace to create a beautiful master piece.

Who Am I Really? Being a Child of the King

What makes me who I am? Past, Present and Future? How do I tick? Can God use the every part of me to bring Him glory? Where do I find my affirmation? Am I really His princess?

Friendships Beyond Compare

God has placed different people in our lives for a reason. What does friendship really look like? What drives me to be the friend that I am? How do I reach out? When should I reach out? What does my relationship look like with God?

Growth thru Sisterhood

A weekend retreat –How do we walk together in the body of Christ as women? What is my responsibility within the body of Christ? Who is the older woman?

Living in Spite of Your Circumstances

Living life on purpose and not by accident. Taking the life of Esther and drawing out how God used her in spite of her circumstances. The Name of God concealed, but the hand of God revealed.

Journey of Growth

Taking Psalm 1 and revealing the steps of growth. A study that helps deepen a quite time with God.

Getting Connected

Ingredients to a powerful prayer time with God...and learning to connect with each other.

Help- I Shrunk the Kids!

The joys, trials and blessing of being a mother. Practical tips for around the house, how we survive and enjoy motherhood. How does Proverbs 31 fit my life?

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Comments about Susan’s
 Speaking Ministry

"We were so blessed by your story, your sincere love of the Lord, and your wonderful sense of humor and contagious laughter. Great weekend!"

"Susan is an effective communicator with
a deep love for God."

"You are a gem, and we were all touched
by your story and wisdom."

"We laughed and praised God with Susan
for the joy and victory He offers us."

"We laughed....and we learned. She is so real!"

"Her heart is for others and that is evident when she
speaks. You just want to believe and believe
some more in the Lord who set her free."

"She has an amazing passion for God's
people.....and a great sense of humor on top of it all!"

"Her enthusiasm for the Lord is contagious!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed how Susan and her girls ministered to us (at the mother/daughter retreat)! I sat back and enjoyed their humor, insight, wisdom and beautiful singing! As we grow closer to Him we become more beautiful as we reflect Him… I saw that in Susan!”

"I know He's there, but you really are the first person to have shown me the way to Him, I was moved."

"Susan is a blessing to every audience! Her life story is full of God's mercy and grace and gives courage and hope to those who hear it!"

"She's a motivator!! She keeps your attention...enthralled with the truths of God she has obeyed and lived."

"She brings a great joy into every situation!"

"We were privileged to hear the message
she has to tell -- amazing!"

"She lives as an example! What an amazing woman!"

"She is gifted, holds your attention, is compassionate,
and is full of courage!"

"Her enthusiasm and genuineness as she shares what she has learned and lives are encouraging!"

"It was a wonderful blessing to hear Susan speak! I so appreciated her openness and honesty. She is a true and ‘real’ friend, which is hard to find these days."


Single Talks

Special Event and Holiday Messages

Mother's Day Tea:
"Ships" of Life

Patterns of Life:
Child of the King

Christmas: Do you hear what I hear? What can we give Him? What are we offering?

Marriage Retreats

Susan and her husband Tom, present a Marriage Retreat called:

               “GET A CLUE”
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Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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About Susan and her ministry:  


  Susan can both sing and speak of her Lord's love, joy, and mercy as it radiates from her life, inspiring audiences to rise up and follow the Lord more closely. Enjoying each person she meets is her priority, and her laughter is contagious.

God brought Susan out of a childhood of pain to a remarkable walk of victory.....set free!! She has overcome the bitterness and allowed God to replace it with compassion for orphans. Living as evidence of the Holy Spirit’s active ministry in lives today, Susan serves on the Board of Directors for Childcare Worldwide.

Standing on the foundation of God’s faithfulness in her own life's transformation, she speaks from experience and knowledge of the Word. Her spiritual gift of mercy is evident in the compassion which makes her straightforward messages so compelling and winsome to all.

Susan teaches kindergarten at a Christian school. She and her husband, Tom, have four children. Together, Susan and Tom present Marriage Retreats, called “Getting a Clue.”

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Set Free

Susan Robertson Jackie Matthews