Stuart is part of the MEN'S IMPACT Speaker's team where 1-3 speakers come to your church to present a powerful Saturday morning men's event.

His Most Popular Retreat Topic:

Be: To Be Or Not To Be Is The Question

(The Power Of Little)

The word be is found 5492 times in the Word of God. This little word has a lot to teach us when applied to our lives. We learn to BE in Christ.

Mastering Fear:

Discovering and Leveraging Deep Fears that Thwart

Fear is an incredibly human quality, which serves only in two ways: beneficial or harmful. Remember as a child your tummy filling with butterflies? Could it be that you were afraid? Beneficial fear is used by parents to guard a child from harm. Your harmful fear will cause you to lock up; beneficial fear will cause you to flee from danger. In other words, fear can be friend or foe. Discover what fears are harmful and how to turn them into the one and only fear you should have.

The "Hood":

FatherHOOD: Seven principles my father taught me, and how they have affected my fatherhood. Examine fatherhood within a biblical framework.

 Single Talk Titles

History Lessons:
How historical characters reveal insights to present day reactions to life. A look at these lessons will move us to a deeper walk with the Lord.

A character look at the book of Esther. This explores how our character reflects in our lives and what we are proclaiming.

A look at the power of our witness.

Sinking ships:
The cause and effect of sin on our lives.

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Comments about Stuart’s   
 Speaking Ministry

He is passionate about God's word!

He is inspirational to those to whom he speaks or leads.

A man who nails it right on...and with complete humility.

He has a keen ability to draw people to want to have a deeper relationship with the Lord.

He is a real asset to any group. His openness is a tremendous encouragement to others.

People find him easy to listen he teaches and encourages in a humble yet exhilarating way.

He speaks at churches and they love to hear him...and
ask him back!

He has many great topics but dealing with fear is
an amazing message.

His transparency inspires others to be real before God.

He's easy to follow as his messages are well-organized
and full of illustrations.

He gets up in front....opens his mouth...and you know He loves the Lord, the people, truth, growth, and God's word.

He is a passionate motivator.

Tailors his messages to his audiences.

He is ALWAYS interesting and keeps my interest.

He has a wonderful balance between outgoing personality
and a servant's heart.

He inspires others to grow as he shares the hoops his life
has had to go through.

He has a contagious enthusiasm.

Audio And Video  

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Flexible - depending upon your budget, the number of talks, distance traveled, topic chosen, etc.

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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Stuart Curry



About Stuart and his ministry:  

     Combine a great sense of humor with a passion for the Lord and walking with the Lord …and you have Stuart Curry.

     His ministry extends from youth to challenging men in their walks, their marriages, and as fathers. Stuart has traveled the hard-knocks road, and has seen God intimately walk right with him.

          He is indeed a man who learns, loves, and listens, as well as being a man who is real and transparent. His challenge to fellow Christians is well-received through his honest heart.

      Stuart has the ability to adjust his messages to all different age groups and level of maturity.  He is eager to speak to to men's groups and mixed adult groups, youth groups, children's groups.   His messages are always capped with real-life stories of how the Lord intervenes and presents Himself real to those who call upon Him.

       He experience as a speaker is broad and wide….speaking to  groups of 15 and groups of 1500 from ages 5 to 80 years old.  He serves full-time as an associate pastor in a vibrant church.