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Comments about Steven’s   
 Speaking Ministry

“Steve evokes such a response...he's anointed!

What a joy to hear him speak, and to know him.”

“I so appreciate his compassion, forgiveness and patience.”

“He has such a desire to reach...to help....to be there for people.”

“Steven is authentic, transparent, knowledgeable,
sensitive and warm.”

“He has a wonderful gift of teaching and compassion.”

“He's so practical....probably because he has walked through so much with the Lord.”

“His heart has been tested...and tested...and tested....and he has come out ready to serve.”

“He's so challenging, not in a point-the-finger way, but in an encouraging and meaningful way.”

“His illustrations are so helpful!”

“His direction and purpose are never lost when he speaks.”

“He is a man of high standards and above reproach.”

“His messages are Bible-centered and contain direct applications.”

“His commitment is totally to the Lord and His glory.”

“Much better than average!! That's for sure...above the rest!”

“He has a strong grasp of scripture, making it very relevant.”

“His ministry involvement shows strong integrity.”

“He has a gift for teaching, that's for sure! And t
hen add exhortation!”

“He has a heart to draw others to Christ.”

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Flexible - depending upon your budget, the number of talks, distance traveled, topic chosen, etc.

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Steven Lotz

About Steven and his ministry:  


   What can you say about a man who loves the Word, who has many years of Bible College, but is also an honor graduate from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute? Practical!  By all means!

   Steve has a way of taking God's Word and making it relevant to men, couples, parents, and church groups. Audiences appreciate his sense of humor as well as his skill in presenting illustrations that clarify God’s truths.


     From his childhood in a broken home, to his years in the Army where he found the Lord, to marrying and raising five children, Steve has found God to be faithful. Many in his audiences identify with his heart lessons and transformations. Steve loves to help people "connect the dots" of truth and application.


       Steven and his family live in northwest Washington where they are actively involved in a non-denominational church. Steve’s ministry is international and he loves speaking to large and small groups.

Steven is also a certified speaker with the
John Maxwell Association.