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Speaker Training Workshops

If you are a seasoned speaker and just want more training or want to be considered to come on to Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau, you will be challenged by these workshops.

If God has put a seed in your heart to become a Christian speaker, this workshop will help direct you to your next steps.

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Details for the Training Workshops

Speaker Workshops
This is a two-day training workshop held on a Friday and Saturday one to two times a year usually in June and October.  Our goal for this workshop is to deepen your message, to develop your speaking style,  and to make it very practical and relevant to your ministry. During this time, you will get numerous opportunities to get up to the podium and share your ideas.  It’s a safe place to learn and grow.  No one need come to make an impression, but to develop your gifts and your speaking ministry.    We have new speakers and seasoned pastor attend!  We also work together to dig deeper into the word to meet the needs of today’s audiences.   

 Cost: $185.00
 ($50 deposit at time of registration.
Balance due at the event.)
Includes brunch items, lunch, and materials.

Step Up

 We call this workshop “STEP UP.”  This is where a speaker shares a 30 minute message and is encouraged and evaluated with positive ideas to improve his/her style and even more important to deepen their message.  Only three people attend this workshop since we spend about an hour or more focusing on each person. Workshop #1 is required before attending Step UP.  Participants have said that this has been the turning point in their speaking career.
Cost: $125.00
 ($35 deposit at time of registration.
Balance due at the event.)
Includes brunch items, lunch, and materials.

Our Next Training  
June 14 and 15, 2019  9:30-5:30

and October 25 and 26, 2019

In Bellingham, WA

Limited to 8 participants

Step Up - TBD

Friday from 9:30 -5:30
Saturday from 9:30 - 5:30

 Christie has been training and encouraging Christian speakers for over 20 years.

People comment on her amazing discernment, her talk organizational abilities, and her gentle communication skills.
  Participants leave training encouraged and directed as to the next step in their ministries.

Her experiences as a speaker for over 20 years before a great diversity of groups around the United States allows
 her to speak with knowledge in her field.  Her maturity as a
Christian adds to his mix as does her knowledge of the Word.   

 One pastor who attended the training said he wished she had been his seminary professor!

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      Christie            Miller

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