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Is the training specifically geared to those who want to come on the speakers bureau?

No, not entirely. In fact, many people take the training to enhance their church ministries. Many MOPS leaders come as well as Bible study leaders. Each has expressed that it has been valuable training for them. Some people who come to our training have also attended Speak Up or CLASS training programs. They have noted that ours has a different focus. We key in on developing the depth of our messages. One participant said she learned far more from our one day training than from the three days of training she had with one of the other groups

If I have been a speaker and in ministry for a long time, do I have to take the training to come
 on the speakers bureau?

We cannot place people we do not know. It would be impossible to represent a person to the churches and Christian groups who are asking about our speakers without first knowing about their ministries and messages. We are not a listing service. When we send you out, we are doing so with our recommendation. We are not an agency, but a bureau. Each speaker represents the group.

Many pastors and those who have been in ministry for a long time ask this question. After taking the classes, they have commented that they were glad they took them. They noted that the classes were challenging, refreshing, very directive and not at all a waste of their time or finances.

 Do you offer the three training classes on three consecutive days for out of town people?

We offer two of the classes on consecutive days, but the third class must have some time between the other two so that you can apply what you have learned. The first two classes go nicely one day after another, and you can take day one and day two, or just take day one. Since the third class requires preparation, we separate it from the other two by at least
one or two months.

Is it possible to have the training

in a different location?

Yes. If you put together a group of 6-8 people, one of our trainers can come to you (some travel expenses may need to be covered.) We have done training in seven different locations so far and are very open to serving you and your church or Christian group in this way.

Does a person need to attend all three of the classes to be considered for Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau?

The answer to that question is  YES. Each class has a purpose and builds from the class before.

Is there additional training for those on the bureau?

The women speakers often get together to hone our skills. Christie Miller, our director, sends out an email of ideas to inspire bureau members every Wednesday. Some of the women speakers have enjoyed involvement in the Women Seeking Higher Ground conferences in Bellingham, as well as Dynamic Women's Workshops in various communities. The speakers generally donate their time, and it is great practice for new speakers. It is a delight to be able to run ideas by fellow bureau members and to pray for one another.

If I go through all of the training am I guaranteed
 to get on the bureau?

No. Much prayer and preparation go into a speaking ministry. Sometimes speakers sense the call, but need more time and training to develop their skills and the breadth and depth of their message before they are actually ready to go "on the road." The trainer will be honest with you, if you  would like feedback to  develop your speaking ministry. There is a difference between a speaker and a testimony-giver or a Bible Study leader. Even a preacher is different from a retreat speaker. While you don’t need to have a biblical degree from college, you do need to know the Word of God. None of us has "arrived," but a heart of surrender and obedience, as well as evidence of spiritual maturity need to be established in your life. You also need to develop some dynamic speaking skills. These come with practice, evaluation, and more practice. We also want to have confirmation fro the Lord that we are better  working
together for the Lord.  


Comments About Speaker Training

“Not what I expected…..better than I expected!”

“This speaker training combines practical instruction about physical presence and speaking strategies with ways to deepen the content and personal
application of a message.”

“ The trainer, Christie Miller,  is not only a gifted speaker, she is an anointed teacher and scholar with valuable Biblical and personal insights. “

“ The evaluation I received was so valuable and
so full of grace and practicality.”

“ I highly recommend this speaker training to anyone who is just starting out or anyone who is already established in the speaking field. We had a pastor in our group and he said he wished Christie was one of his seminary teachers!”

  “Little did I know what lay in store during the next two days. The instructor’s heart for TRUTH and  passion for God’s people  is inspiring and infectious. And as if that weren’t enough, the gentle presence of the Holy Spirit seeps out of her  home, and covers everyone and everything within its reach.  Aaahhh….the
sweet fragrance of the Lord.”

“I highly recommend the Northwest Speakers Bureau and  their training. The training helped me improve my speaking skills, enhanced my Bible study methods and connected me with a group of Godly individuals who passionately desire to share God’s word. “

“I found Christie, the founder and leader of the Northwest Speakers Bureau, to be a woman of tremendous spiritual maturity and wisdom. She encouraged me t
o continue working towards a speaking ministry and challenged me to dig deeper into my personal faith with Jesus….in ways I had never been challenged before!”

“I have benefited greatly from this training and believe it to be a valuable asset to anyone wishing to gain ministry training and leadership skills regardless of the desire
for a speaking ministry.”

“This training was just what I needed. I received direction, skills, and most important, new ways to build my messages from scripture.”

“Coming to a group with all strangers was frightening for me.  The fear left in 10 minutes as I got to know the others in the group and felt so safe at the home where we had our training.”


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