Renewing  Women’s Hearts

A Sample of a  Renewing Women’s Hearts Schedule:
(You are in control of this! So change it as you like!)

9:15- Registration begins (pick up audience notes packets, name tags, find a seat,  and get some brunch items and coffee.)
9:30 - Opening with prayer and introduction of the day.
(Worship time or stand to read scripture together??)
9:45 - 10:15 - First speaker - Sharing an element of the topic you chose.
10:15-35 - Small group discussion after this or
a Q and A time (your choice)
10:35-10:50 - Break time -  get  more coffee and snacks.
10:50 -11:30 Second Speaker - another element of your topic choice.
11:30- 11:50 - Small group discussion after this or
a Q and A time (your choice)
11:50-12:20 - Third Speaker time - another element of your topic choice.
12:20-12:30 -Wrap up and evaluations filled-out.  

If you choose to go all day, you will need to provide lunch.  Some churches do all day events and add
various fun workshops for the women.
 If you eliminate small group discussion time, one more speaking time can be assigned.

Costs for the event vary. Most churches charge about $15 for the morning event without lunch.  Daycare is paid by the gals using this resource or by the church.

Possible Topics (or creative one your own)
Being Wise Women In Tough Times      A Woman’s Emotions
Marriages Great Challenges     A Heart-Wise Woman
Friendship!       Mother-Daughter Relationships
Becoming a Woman of the Word   (and many more)

The Event Choices: Facilitators

 from any of our women speakers and  even from their various topics. We will see if they are available on your requested date.   Your costs will be determined by the distance they travel as we ask you to pay transportation costs.   If the speakers can travel together, it lessens the costs.

 the topic for the day.  It is amazing to see how various speakers relate truths from the topic you choose. You know what the ladies of your church are facing in their faith-walks, so pick a topic that is relevant to the needs you know.

 to make it a morning event or an all-day event where you might offer various extra workshops.  Some of your church ladies might like to offer some interesting and fun workshops, and our speakers  are also delighted to offer an individual workshop.

to offer day care and this might encourage some of your
young moms to attend.

Call  (360-966-0203) or
with your questions.

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Renewing Women’s Hearts
This event is a Saturday morning (or all day Saturday event) at your church with one or more  of our speakers coming to speak on a topic of your choice.

You Choose:

The date,    the time,    the topic,  the speakers,
and if you want it to be an event for just your church or if you want to invite women in the community
 to attend as well.

You Provide:
The location,     the snacks,  
 printing of audience notes,  the publicity,  
day care (if you choose to offer this),
and the transportation costs of the speakers.

(We ask that you take a free-will offering at the event for our speakers or allow for $5 per attendee
 to be divided by our speakers.)

We Provide:

One to three dynamic speakers who will address a topic of your choice to meet the needs of the women in attendance.  The speakers will create audience notes and small group discussion questions if that is part of your plans for the day.

Comments about this events:
A Saturday morning is perfect for an event like this….we loved hearing ideas on one topic from several women…. the speakers were amazing….. cost was just right…. being at our church was great… having day-care was a real bonus… we loved being able to invite our friends… our committee wants to do this again since it was so easy to plan…..I learned things that I think about each day!…this was so practical…..I’m glad I took my daughter……my husband would watch the kids for the morning so I got to come……we loved having the younger women in our church here since it was so convenient for them….we’ve never had speakers like this, so honest and vulnerable….powerful messages, life changing for me….next time, and we will do this again, we are going to invite other churches to participate…. I can never go to our retreats to this was a great opportunity for me…… the speakers were so available for questions…I loved small group time.   

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

Designed to serve your church with a special event that is easy to prepare and inviting to all age groups.  

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