New Hope for Marriage

Registration Form

 Please mail this form to:  
NEW HOPE   2818 Martin Road, Bellingham, WA  98226 with your $35 deposit.

Balance of $100  due at the event, unless you have asked for a scholarship.)

If a date is not listed yet (below) then email us of your interest.

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                 Registering for which Workshop?


                                                  Spring  _____________ (Cedar Springs, Bellingham Area, WA)   

                                                          Date for 2018 is May 4-6 _________________

                                                  Winter ____________________

                                                   Summer ___________________

                                                   Fall ___________________________   (Dates to be determined)

                    This is a very unique and specialized weekend retreat for women.  Let us know of your interest
                                   and we will put a group together.   Limited to 5 women.  


                                                                               Tell us if you need a scholarship.

        Tell us a little about yourself and your marriage: (use the back if necessary)  

           What do you hope to gain from this weekend?   

          What resources for help have you used in the past for your marriage?  (Books, prayer,                                     counseling, etc.)