Her Most Popular Retreat Topics:

Divinely Designed: Discover God’s Purpose for You

Do you ever wonder why you’re here?  Do you wonder why God made you the way you are?  In this retreat setting, women will delve into the word to discover why God created us, how our unique gifts, life experiences and natural abilities blend together in us, and what He would like us to do while we are here on earth.  Using quizzes, humor, encouragement, and group discussions, you’ll leave with tools to help you take steps toward moving into His purpose for you.


Stones in a River: Storing Up Memories that
Will Help you Stand Strong
Using Joshua 4 & 5, we will talk about the importance of setting up landmarks or memorials in our lives. Like stones in a river for the Israelites, these landmarks will help you remember where you've been, where you're going, and how God keep his promises along the way. We will examine the spiritual value in journaling, story-telling in the home, storing up encouragement to help brighten dark times, and studying God's character and how He sees us.

 Many Hats for Many Women: Appreciating God's Unique Design in You and Others

We'll explore how God creates each of us to be unique and usable, and what that looks like in our everyday lives. Based on Romans 12 and Ephesians 2, we'll look at spiritual gifts, personality types and God's desire that they all work together and get along.

Confessions of a Compulsive Volunteer
Using the examples of Martha and Mary, we’ll talk about serving in the church: Why do we volunteer? When does it become too much? Are we seeing our value in Christ instead of in the things we do? You’ll come away with tools to help choose the best
and leave the rest.

From Stressed to Blessed: Taming Commitments

Do you feel stretched to the point of breaking when it comes to juggling all of your home, work, and volunteer commitments?  Or are you so protective of your schedule that you might be missing out on God’s best opportunities for you?  Somewhere between the two extremes there is the potential for joy and fulfillment!  We’ll evaluate the need for balance in our commitments, having a heart open to God’s call and opportunities, and how to take wise steps toward that fulfilling middle ground. Including the talk “Confessions of a Compulsive Volunteer,” we’ll also look at unmasking our motivations, taming our to-do lists, setting wise boundaries, and being free to be a blessing.

Standing Strong in a Wobbly World

The world is changing, and much is uncertain.  Learn how to recognize truth, be wisely compassionate, and to stand strong in what matters.  At this retreat we’ll talk about shifts in the culture and how Christians can respond, and what the word of God says about what is happening.  We’ll evaluate the immediate wobbly places affecting our own lives, emphasize the importance of Bible study, share techniques for speaking the truth in love, and touch on the need for community (being “better together”). 

      Does This Attitude Make Me Look Fat?

The attitudes we wear can be as unflattering as a poorly fitting outfit; and sometimes it’s hard for our loved ones to point this out. We’ll talk about how to evaluate your attitudes, using examples from the early church.

How to Study Your Bible –Even When
You Don’t Have Time to Do It!

Just as some wild animals store up food for the lean winter months, we need to store up spiritual nutrition from studying the writings God has provided for us. We’ll talk about that, and about different methods available to you. You can make this work!

When Church Hurts

Where there are people, relationships will be tested and difficult at times. We’ll look at what God says about our relationships with one another, and his plan for dealing with the difficult—and sometimes hurtful—relationships within our own church bodies. Based on Matthew 18, Galatians 6, and other passages.

The Blessing of Confrontation

Do you have difficult people in your life?  Are you avoiding anyone who has hurt you?  Have you hurt someone, and don’t know how to make it right?  Does gossip have a grip on you or your church?  God’s word has solutions for each of these situations, and more.  We’ll explore together the scriptures that offer hope and healing, and share how to use God’s word as a model for how to lovingly confront people, and be a blessing to them—and to yourself—in the process.

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Comments about Ramona’s  
 Speaking Ministry

Gentle and powerful at the same time. So very practical about loving God and walking with Him.

Loved hearing her message based in reality.
She is so real and personable.

Everyone loved her. Her tender walk with the Lord is so visible and inspirational.

Her casual style is so appreciated. She doesn't speak
AT us but TO us.

So sweet and teachable and humble before the Lord and that is apparent when she speaks.

Her Biblical convictions come across in her talk
 and in her life.

Her heart of compassion to others and gentle
approach draws people to her.

What a wonderful communicator!
She is so engaged with the women.

Humorous! We loved that part of her honest presentations.

Superb in communicating God's truths to the group.
She challenges us with humility.

She is a STAR example of walking the truth.
 Her life is an example to everyone!

Authentic! In touch! Very perceptive!
We appreciated this in her.

She so motivated me!!

What a great teacher! Her gifts from God of perception
 and compassion join to empower her to really
minister as a speaker.

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Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

About Ramona and her ministry:  

  Ramona is a speaker, Women's Ministry Leader,
Homeschool mom, Precepts Leader and friend!

     Like many women today, Ramona Stumpf wears many hats: wife and mother, Precept Bible study leader, community activist and full-time ministry leader.  As director of Life Changers at North County Christ the King in Lynden, WA, Ramona coordinates a large volunteer force and oversees women’s ministries, small groups, classes, church events and recreation groups.   Ramona loves to help people connect to the church, discover their areas of gifting, and deploy them in ministry and service.

     When she has the privilege of speaking to groups, she often weaves in the importance of Bible study and biblical truths, forgiveness and grace, serving in the church, friendship, fresh starts, and God’s unique gifts and calling.  She is passionate for authentic “warts and all” community, making the word of God understandable, and tapping into the power of personal praise and worship.  She also enjoys talking about raising kids, adoption, celebrating life, priorities, homeschooling, and relationships.

     Married for 27 years to the same great guy, Ramona has four children, including three young adult men, and an elementary-aged daughter.  In her former life, Ramona was Clerk of the Whatcom County Council, and a journalist.  She enjoys Bible study, music, acting in community theatre groups, nerd culture, tea parties, writing, and spending time with people.


Ramona Stumpf

Delighted Life