Pete is part of the MEN'S IMPACT Speaker's team where 2-3 speakers come to your church to present a powerful Saturday morning men's event.

His Most Popular Retreat Topic:

Called To Your Greater Story

Two Day Seminar or Semon topic

God can take the broken pieces of our lives (like broken glass) and weave those into a beautiful stained glass window.  But it will only be beautiful if we let God shine his light through it.  Once we do that, all of the shame or regret or failure is no longer ugly, it’s all part of a beautiful story that others need to hear. 


 God has a calling for you...a personal and unique calling on all men's lives. IN this series, Peter talks about how to find your calling and how to embrace it in your already busy life.


 This series includes some incredible principles for men that will guide their lives including being called, making commitments, being prepared, making the journey, asking God for success, evaluating the situation, relying on more than just coincidence, seeing beyond the obvious, thanking God, knowing the right time to move and delivering as promised.


Single Talk Titles

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Comments about Pete’s  
 Speaking Ministry

I would highly recommend Pete as a speaker at any event where you want the Word of God to be spoken and to inspire others toward the Lords will for their lives.

Using humor and a relaxed atmosphere, he is able to tough the hearts of anyone who may hear him.

He is a very gifted teacher.... relevant...awesome story teller...
he never lost my attention.

I felt that I after hearing him speak, I could take someone personal and practical home with me. That was a gift!

He lives what he believes. He's a true emulator of Jesus and he motivates me to want to be more like Jesus.

He gets right down tot he truth and makes it real and even entertaining!

Not a lot of HYPE....but a great motivator to aim your
live towards Jesus giving lots of HOW TOs.

He's a consistent man of prayer.

Humor...oh yes!!

His deep faith is inspiring.

He's so gifted in wisdom and discernment.

He uses amazing cohesive flow. Easy to follow and apply.

We are so fortunate to have him speak to us on a regular basic.

He uses truth, humor and honesty to show how God's word is relevant to our lives.

Pete is no outsider when he comes to your group. He easily relates to all age groups and people in all walks of life.

He's a true professional....taking his task of speaking quite seriously...and that is why our lives have been so touched by him.

 We aren't leaving the same as when we came.

Scripture! Pete loves scripture! The truths, the stories to teach the truths and the applications to our lives. AWESOME!!

A great man of character....I want to emulate his walk
with the Lord.

He's great with large and small groups. Very much at ease in either.

Caring and honest...a true man of consistent character.

He's a man who knows how to make things relevant....and even throws in some humor to make his points.

He's always seeking to learn and grow in the Lord. Humble! A real servant of the Lord.

You don't find many JEWELS like Pete! He's a man other men can look to as an example of Christ.

Not only is Pete a gifted communicator, but he is also a great motivator. He also never takes the credit, but gives
 the glory to the Lord.

He loves God and he loves people! He's got quite a talent to speak to people's hearts and minds based on the word of God he loves.

His talks are ordered so they are easy to follow and apply - adding humor and are even entertaining to keep people's interest.

Get ready to laugh and learn!

He's down to earth...a real man who walks in integrity.

Great real like applications. He relies on the truths in the word to communicate life changers.   He's even a talented actor!!

A great listener - and very transparent. He's not afraid to share from his own life experiences and how God has transformed him....and continues to transform him.

He points me to Jesus! To prayer and to the word.

Your group will benefit from the wisdom and Biblical truths he presents for growth and to live the Christian walk.

He takes the difficult things and makes them simple
to understand and apply.

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Flexible - depending upon your budget, the number of talks, distance traveled, topic chosen, etc.

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Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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Jesus The Inconsiderate -
Message by Pete Wilmot

Pete Wilmot

Micah 7


About Pete and his ministry:  

     Peter speaks from his heart, his experience, and his commitment that God has a lot to say to the people He loves. In his presentations, you feel like he is speaking WITH you, and never TO you.

     His talks are conversations seeping with practical ideas....and everyone of the messages brings Christ's hope of redemption and restoration into practical reality. He will make sure you never walk out after one of his talks without receiving the practical steps to apply it to you own life, with questions to ponder, and God's truth in abundance!

     Pete enjoys speaking to all age groups, from grade school to adults knowing that regardless of the age group, it's the same message .... Jesus and His reality in our lives.

    He notes with a smile and kidding spirit that he just has to "simplify it for the adults." Speaking is his passion. He will motivate you, inspire you and give you insights into God's word that will make the Bible come alive for you.

      When you talk with Pete about coming to your church or a retreat to speak, you'll find it is all about Jesus and not about the logistics, group size, finances or location. He has a true servant's heart.