New Hope For Marriage

New Hope in Marriage
 is a weekend retreat for wives!

Comments from Attendees

“God has transformed my heart and my marriage is now thriving! Such a different place than where I was a year ago.” 

“After the retreat, I feel like the word God has been breathing over me for the past year is "restoration". I feel like He is restoring me to be the woman He purposes me to be. Relationships are being restored. My sense of who I am and the woman  God is calling me to be has developed and is growing.”  

“One area where I have grown immensely is that of conflict resolution. I know that I no longer need to fear conflict if I will only speak the truth in love. I feel I am am getting
better at this all the time. Thanks for the training in this.”  

“Jesus really does long to heal us, but it requires us to let go of our pride and come to the end of ourselves. It really does require surrendering our wants, our desires, our circumstances to God.
We can only do this when we know God's character; that He truly holds us and guides us by His right hand. To truly know who God
 is we have to read His word. You encouraged me in all of this!”  

“I want to thank both of you for being part of my journey to healing. The retreat was much needed at the time and gave me the strength, resources and tools I needed to stay in my marriage.”

I learned how to articulate my needs to my husband in a loving manner that my husband was able to respond to. Deb, your book was an enormous help, too. I especially like the line that asks if you trust God enough to know that He will guide your husband, even if your husband is not actively seeking Him. I often remind myself of this.” 

“I can’t believe the changes I have seen in my marriage after attending the retreat.”  

“I needed to know my next step for my marriage.  This weekend really gave me a path and taught me how to hear from the Lord. I went home feeling positive and strong…like I have a voice I could speak in love and truth.”    

“The Lord had started to make some wonderful changes in our marriage, but I just needed to know I was on course with my part. I didn’t want it to return to what it was!”  _____________________________________

Our Goals

If you would love to see some positive changes in your marriage, this retreat is for you.  

If you are frustrated and discouraged, and don’t know what to do next to improve your marriage, this retreat is for you.

 If you are at the end of your rope and feel like hanging it up….this retreat is for you.  

 If you feel stuck, have nowhere to turn, are having trouble receiving help from others, this retreat
 is for you.

At the end of the weekend, you will have a plan

for partnering with the Lord to make positive
changes in yourself and in your marriage.

The Retreat Facilitators

Deb Kalmbach

                  Real  Hope                  For Real Life                   Ministries

Deb is the author of the book: Because I Said Forever: Embracing Hope in a Not-So-Perfect Marriage

Christie Miller

   Fresh Look

Christie is the author of the upcoming book: Wait for the Miracle: When you are somewhere between, “I’ll love you forever no matter what” and “I’m out of here!”  

Deb’s Story:  
After struggling for many years with her husband’s alcoholism, Deb and Randy experienced God’s healing grace in their marriage. They have been married for 46 years.

Christie’s Story: Christie and her husband have been married for 38 years….by grace…and after partnering with God and applying Biblical truths, they saw God transform their marriage.

Details for the Retreat

This retreat is currently held once or wice a year in Washington state at  Cedar Springs, near Bellingham, WA
(We also have a location on the east side of the state if a group in that area forms.  Let us know!)  

TIME - Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. until Sunday at 2 or 3 p.m.

This is a wonderful time to “retreat” and to gain insights
into how YOU can partner with God in seeing amazing changes
 in your marriage.  You will go home with a plan

Cost of the retreat:  $135
(This includes housing, meals, and materials)

Scholarships are available. We have a generous group of supporters  who believe in the need and the power of this retreat.  They know that sometimes funds are not available when a wife needs this kind of ministry in her life.  Please let us know if you need assistance.

Please send a $35 deposit in with your REGISTRATION FORM.

Our Next Retreat
May 4-6, 2018
   At Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center
 just north of Bellingham, WA
near the Canadian border.      

This  retreat is especially designed for women who have lost heart and hope for their marriages and need some clarity on where to head next in their marriage relationships. We want to help you get out of the DANCE of negative results.   It’s for those who want a  jumpstart and perhaps  a new perspective on how to handle the difficult challenges
 in their marriage, some help with how to say what
you feel and need to say.  
Alumni might also be interested in attending.


(Open to 5 participants, even alumni!)

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What to Expect at the retreat:

This won’t be your typical retreat.  It takes place at a beautiful place –yes….and you will have a private room….yes…..and meals will be wonderful……and there will be plenty of compassion and love to go around……and a lot of Godly wisdom…...yes, yes, yes!!   Our schedule will be packed with discussion,  going through materials,  sharing from the facilitators,  more discussion,  walks and talks,  meal conversations, lots of love and understanding…..and yes it will be intense, but so has your marriage been intense. We have one weekend together to bring light into your difficult places.  You won’t regret attending!!   We are very REAL about the realities we see in a marriage – abuse, pornography,  unfaithfulness,  anger,  irresponsibility - all of it.  Nothing is off the table.   We want you to go home to face your realities with new strength and a plan to handle your difficult situations.