Her Most Popular Retreat Topics:

"God’s Girl at Heart" (western theme)

In a fun Will Rogers’ fashion Morna takes the audience through the cattle drive of steering the audience through how to truly love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength.  As practical as learning the ropes, but filled with the passion of a fireside chat around the campfire, your audience will long remember the truths shared in this weekend western retreat. Bring your boots, bandanas and cowgirl hats!

(If there are only 3 sessions then I would combine Session II and III into one session.)

Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins

This weekend retreat addresses the root problems of pride, bitterness, moral impurity, and greed and how to work toward healing. A powerful, life changing weekend! Your audience will be transformed!

Becoming a Woman of Character      

 (3-4 sessions)

In this retreat we look at what character truly is and why it is desperately needed in our lives. The true test of our character is when we go through ‘testing’ so Morna discusses how to walk through the refiner’s fire triumphing rather than just surviving. There are four key character qualities that will truly bless a woman if she demonstrates them from her heart – this is Morna’s challenge for all of us to apply!

Garden of JOY (3-4 sessions)

This retreat uses the analogy of having a garden. We begin by planting the seeds that will produce joy – what does this look like? Then there is the waiting period – in the dark seasons of life while the seeds are in the dirt – how do we endure these seasons with joy? The harvesting is always the bonus when it is filled with joy – but how do we be sure to reap the joy?

Abundant Grace (3-4 sessions)

Grace is such a misunderstood term in the church today – so we look at the difference between grace and mercy. Then we explore the difference between a grace-filled life and a legalism-filled life. Abundant grace is what we are designed for so this workshop discusses what that abundance is made up of.

Treasure Hunters
In this message, Morna passionately shares the importance of knowing and using your gifts in the Body of Christ. A workbook accompanies this weekend presentation.

Piecing it Together (3-4 sessions)

Using the analogy of making a quilt the audience looks at their lives as a quilt by gathering the pieces of their life experiences. We then lay those pieces down – at the feet of Jesus and watch as He slowly, one stitch at a time, creates a beautiful pattern perspective in our lives. The culmination is the process of seeing how He takes rags and turns them into something exquisitely rich!

Faith in Action (3-4 sessions)

Faith is not blind obedience – with this retreat setting we explore the truth behind exercising faith. We look at not only our actions but also our attitude which can hinder or help our walk of faith. We also look at applying the principles learned and explore what does faith in action truly look like?

Damsels in Distress: Educating and encouraging women in the wake of sexual challenges. (3-4 sessions)

Comments about Morna’s  
Speaking Ministry

"She's a woman of prayer who seeks God first. You can tell she spent precious time with God to receive the message for our group from HIM!"


"She relates so well with any age audience.....even our 12 + year olds loved her! She connected!”

"She's used by God to call hearts towards Him.....intimately."

“She encourages.....she mentors....when she doesn't even
know she is doing it!"

"I've heard her speak dozens of times...amazing. She always blesses!"

"She communicates Biblical truths, important ones, in a non-confrontational, clear and life-changing way."

"She is so transparent and real....she shares even her current struggles."

"The things she shared worked with the Holy Spirit to change my life.....to absolutely turn me around!"

"Anytime...anywhere, I'd go to hear more from her!"

"She connects! Do doubt about it!"

"She captured everyone's interest!"

"You can sense her love immediately!"

"Great example to other women."

"Very discerning at how God might be leading....never
giving into the world's ways."

"Victorious! What she shared was so encouraging."

"She articulates God's word in amazing ways."

"She's very grounded in the scriptures and LOVES
women and teaching them."

"She's compassionate...listens first and listens well."

"Her messages are always inspiring and thought provoking."

"She has a beautiful sweetness about her."

"Oh yes! She challenged us...the truths were hard to swallow at times, but we knew it was truth...God was speaking to each of our hearts."

Single Talk Titles

REAL Integrity - Don't Lead Without It!

Every single Retreat/workshop is based on a specific portion of Scripture – feel free to ask!

Books Available from Morna

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Morna speaks with a servant’s heart and works within your budget.

Audio And Video  


Identity Theft:

A Crisis in Character” Revealing the real problem behind the character crisis and what you can do about it. Booklet – 66 pages - $10.00 includes shipping

Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins – learning the skill of tearing down strongholds – 10 week Bible study – walking in freedom from anger, lust, pride, envy, bitterness, guilt, greed, etc. $10.00

Character vs. Achievement” (audio CD) – an excellent training tool for families who want to emphasize character in their home. $5.00 includes shipping

For Knights Only – written for husband For Knights Only – written for husband desiring to know how to rebuild trust in their marriage $5.00 when purchased with Damsels

Regenerated Heart”

A message of a heart broken by pain, redeemed by the Blood, and renewed by His Word. Book and DVD available - $15.00 includes shipping

Empowering Parents of Young Ladies” – DVD – practical encouragement for parents to embrace their daughters and teach the importance of purity. $10.00 includes shipping Companion DVD

“Empowering Parents of Young Men” also available for $10. This message addresses the importance of young men having sexual integrity in a sex-saturated society. Set of Both DVD’s available for $16.00

PURE Wives” – DVD – A powerful message educating and encouraging wives in the wake of their husband’s sex addictions - why are men so vulnerable and what’s a wife to do? This is a full two hour session – packed with profound material! $20.00
For a thorough study of this topic: This message will soon be released in a book entitled, “Damsels in Distress…by their men’s SEX addictions” desiring to know how to rebuild trust in their marriage $5.00 when purchased with Damsels

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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Morna Gilbert

Regenerated Hearts Ministry

About Morna  and her ministry:  


     “She was fantastic!" You will hear this over and over again after Morna has spoken at a retreat. The joy of the Lord radiates from her demeanor.....but the high point is the way she shares the practical truths from the Word with passion, humor and practicality.

       Morna is a seasoned speaker, teaching several weekly Bible studies, is a MOPS speaker, a Stonecroft speaker, and does close to 20 retreats a year. She is a popular speaker for home school conventions and meetings.

   She is willing to take on challenging topics often neglected/ignored in the church.  She is the founder of Damsel Squads, support/care groups for women whose men are/have been involved in sexual addictions; she has several care groups for molestation/rape victims and is founder and trainer of Focus on Character, a ministry focusing on Godly character to both secular audiences and Bible believers.  She is a leader and trainer for many women’s ministries.

         Those who have seen her ministry in motion agree that her ministry is backed up by her character. Morna takes you deeper in your walk with the Lord because she has traveled there as well. Everything in her life revolves around the Lord and she inspires others to move closer and closer to the Lord. "She kept us riveted to our seats with hearts open," reported a retreat committee chairman.

        All of Morna’s retreats include a custom bound booklet with your theme, handouts, schedule, music, etc. (per retreat team’s desire).  Most all Morna’s presentations include Power Point.

       Morna and her family live in eastern Washington and she speaks all over the nation and Canada.  Morna is a featured columnist in “Today’s Culture, God’s People” with her “Sexy Spirituality” series. She has been published in Guidepost’s Best Angel Stories 2013 and 2014 and The Old Schoolhouse, homeschooling magazine – November 2013.