Weekend Retreat Themes:
Where in the World do I Fit In?

Always wondering “where you fit in”, exhausted by trying to “measure up”, feeling like you got short changed in the “gifting” department? Do any of these describe you? If so, exploring your unique abilities, skills, gifts and talents will provide you with the key to understanding God’s unique plan for your life. At the end of this retreat you will be inspired, empowered and equipped and will have a plan in hand on how to be an active participant in God’s unique calling on your life.

What Every Church Member Should Know about Poverty.

If you close your ear to the cry of the poor, you will cry out and not be heard. Proverbs 21:13.  Based on the work of Dr. Ruby K. Payne and “A Framework for Understanding Poverty”, this presentation explores language registers, life resources and the “hidden rules” of society as they apply to the church setting. Completing a “Resources Inventory” will help your group understand existing and/or needed resources among those who serve and who are being served. As a certified trainer for “Bridges Out of Poverty”, current board member of the ROC Rescue mission, and with 20 plus years of experience working with families in poverty, Martie brings a deep understanding of how to work with our under re-sourced church members.  

No Ordinary Potato

Idaho born and raised and proud of her states “Famous Potatoes”, Martie illustrates that as God creations we are by no means “ordinary spuds”. Using the versatile “spud”, Martie illustrates how we are not “oddball organics” but are women of incredible beauty, capable of extreme sweetness and have the ability to leave our stamp on others.  At the end of this presentation, you will no longer think of yourself as just another “ordinary potato”!

Living Life as a Double D

Martha, Martha…. Mary has chosen what is better!  Luke 10:41

In a world where we need to make thousands of decisions on a daily basis, the age-old question is: How do we prioritize everything we need to do? Jesus didn’t admonish Martha for serving, but for being worried and upset about things that took her away from time with him.

 It is said that if the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy. In a few simple words Jesus gave us instruction on where our focus was to be, however knowing and doing are two very different functions. This presentation focuses on the biblical method of “putting first things first” so we can move from being a “Distracted” Martha to a “Devoted” Mary.

Lettuce Not Squash our Peas!

(description coming soon.)

Weedin’ Eden

Fun and practical approach to organizing your life, time and home for a stress(less) life.

Single Topic Talks

Christmas Topics

All My Friends Are Flakes!

Yes, all my friends are flakes, each one beautiful and unique in their own way and when we stick together we can create quite a blizzard!  Using the illustration that no two snowflakes are the same we have reason to celebrate the uniqueness of God’s children.

What Kind of Christmas Cookie are You?

Holiday stress causing you to crumble? Practical ways to approach the holidays so you will stay intact and enjoy the celebration.

Comments about Martie’s  Speaking Ministry

        "Martie is a woman you can trust to give practical truth to you.....but she takes the route of humor to get there."

"She's creative and crafts the message to keep
you spell-bound."

"She’s enjoyable, real, funny, joy-filled and tells it like it is!"

"She's such an effective speaker/teacher....and we loved her humor to take us to truth."

"You sit up and take notice when Martie love her right away and know you are going to get some great jewels of truth from her."

"She's engaging and warm. Each presentation is
creative and practical. "

"If your ladies need a retreat full of humor and practical messages, Martie is your speaker!"

“Her enthusiasm and humor are infectious!”

“I was so engaged when she spoke...and I loved receiving from her gift of encouragement.”

“God truly uses this woman to impact lives for His Kingdom.”

"She doesn't lecture...she gives LIFE to its fullest."

"She's an exceptional speaker....better than I have heard in a long time...maybe the best I have ever heard."

"She speaks to a variety of people in the audience
and they all connect."

"She lives what she teaches... and she gets us to
 laugh all the way there."

"What a special gift she has .... combining humor
and truth"

"She's a breath of fresh air."

"She lets you laugh with her and
even at her...and then she speaks
truths that get you thinking!"

“She loves with a love that is rare!

The women at our retreat knew she

loved and cared for them genuinely.”

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     Martie is flexible working with many different sized groups.  Please contact us for honorarium fees.  

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Martie Beck

Domestic DIVA
(Devoted Individual of Valuable Abilities)

About Martie and her ministry:

     Practical and down-to-earth, passionate about “all things domestic” Martie presents Gods word in a way that connects with audiences of any age, gender, or background.

      Inspired by the words of the late Erma Bombeck, who said, “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.” Martie is committed to using every tool in her God-given toolbox to inspire and encourage others in their daily walk with the Lord.

      As Martie shares her personal struggle to figure out “where in the world do I fit in?”, you will be inspired to discover and reveal your own unique DIVA “Devoted Individual of Valuable Abilities” and embrace the life God intended for you.

     She reaches young, old, professionals, women, teens, and even men, with relevancy. She’s down-to-earth, presenting biblical insights in a way that you can wrap your minds and hearts around! If you are looking for a speaker who delivers a message with humor and creativity, Martie is the speaker for you!