Marriage Retreat

Marriage Retreats

Tom and Susan Robertson love sharing with couples at marriage retreats, and your group would be blessed to have them come and share.  They are two special people from very different backgrounds who God brought together to bless many people.  For starters, their four children!

Tom is a pilot and Susan is a kindergarten teacher, so they are real people, with real lives, and real stress, and a real plan on how to make marriage work.  Just watching the two of them relate is a learning experience.  Call us if you are interested in talking with them about coming to your church for a special marriage event.  Your church body will be blessed beyond measure.

There is a funny story how they got their theme for their marriage retreat.  Tom and Susan and the director of NWCSB, Christie Miller, were meeting and praying about a theme title for their ministry.  Christie said, “How about CLUELESS, because that is what most of us are when we get married.”  Tom said, “Oh, come on. Really?”  
However, that very day at work he understood this idea.  A friend came up to him who told him that his wife kicked him out of the house. He went to live with a friend who then also kicked him out.  He told Tom, “I was clueless. I didn’t even think we were having problems!”

           Tom called Christie and said, “Okay, “Get a Clue” it is!   And this retreat has been blessing people since as husbands and wives  as Tom and Susan share how to GET A CLUE!! !   

The Marriage Retreat Speakers erat Retreat Facilitators

                                                 Tom and Susan                            Robertson

Contact us for more information or to book Tom and Susan:

Christie Miller, Director, NWCSB


Retreats can be held at your church on a Friday evening and Saturday morning or at a retreat center for the entire weekend.  You create the schedule.  Tom and Susan will fit their message around your plans.


    They haven’t written 10 books, they aren’t famous……but the legacy of their love has been written into hundreds of people’s hearts as they share their story of God’s great work in their lives.  

   Life has taken them down some bumpy roads - and has given them some “glorious” (as Susan says) triumphs.  If you mention Tom and Susan’s name around Bellingham, people’s faces im-mediately  brighten. You can tell they have a special place in their hearts for Tom and Susan, and they have been touched by their love, honesty, journey, giving hearts, and delightful outlook on life.  

      Their journey to the place they are right now in their marriage is a beautiful canvas of God’s mir-acles.  They give all of the credit to the Lord.

The Robertson Family!   
Micah, Josiah, Tom, Susan,
Maria and Anna.

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