Leadership Workshops

Dynamic Women’s Workshops

This workshop is aimed at mature Christian women who want to grow, serve, and to be used by God.

It has been said that women’s ministry is the toughest job in the church.  While God has beautifully gifted women with Spiritual gifts and creativity, women often experience burn-out and need to be recharged.

We work with you to design this workshop to fit the needs of your women’s ministry group and to challenge the Christian women in your church to grow.   Your date, your time, your facility, your speaker choice, your key purpose - and one to three of our women speakers will come and help you accomplish your goals.


(Or design topics that meet your purposes!)

 Finding your gifts and seeing how they can be used in your church or the Body of Christ.  

How to build a women’s ministry in your church.

How to plan a impactful retreat.

Building greater personal quiet times.

Making small group safe and life-changing.

Joining older and younger women in love.

Getting honest with GREAT GRACE!  

This workshop is designed for men in your church who want to
move into leadership roles or who want to see how to use
their gifts in the church and the Body of Christ.

In these busy times, men’s ministry events and retreats need to draw on real needs and offer a significant product worthy of
their time.    There needs to be real purpose and draw
to each event.  

These events may be used to begin a men’s ministry, to plan a retreat, to build leadership, or to challenge men in their walks with the Lord.

(Or design your own topics)

The Time Crunch Challenge for Men today.

Rising to Leadership

Planning a Retreat That Draws  Men!

Influencing the Lives Around You.

Finding Your Gifts and Using Them Effectively.

Mentoring Younger Men!

Finding and Building Safe Small Groups.

Standing With Your Pastor

Getting Real in a Phony World

  Four Events To Serve You - For Men, Women or Mixed audiences

Building Unity, Vision and Church Leaders
as well as pulpit speakers from your church.
Vision and Unity for Pastors

Building Church Leadership:

Dynamic Men’s Workshops:
To offer relevant  men’s ministry ideas and to build the leaders.  
leaders .

Dynamic Women’s Workshops:
To creatively build your women’s
ministry and the leaders.

Dynamic Men’s Workshops

Building Church Leadership

Every church experiences CHANGES:  A new pastor, a change of goals or vision,  a stuck-point, or a desire to take on a new challenge!   Building unity is key!  Facing the challenges head on with great unity is imperative but difficult. Often,  bringing an outside
view into the conversation
 gives a positive  shot in the arm!  
Talk to us about having one of our speakers who specializes in church leadership come and conduct a Saturday workshop (or a Friday night and a Saturday) that can put new life and a new voice into the planning.  
Unity and a united vision can be built.

Contact us at:   coordinator@nwspeakers.com     or 360-966-0203.

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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Workshops to build unity, vision and leadership for your church body.

Training for those gifted to offer pulpit replacement.

       There are many gifted teachers and preachers in your church who just need a little training and guidance to be able to provide wonderful Sunday sermons for your church.  Giving the pastor an occasional  break adds vitality to both him and your church body.

 It also give opportunities for the body to exercise their giftedness in your church..
In addition, if your church body is between pastors, some of those gifted members could step up and keep the church solidified during this time of change. Our gifted speakers could come in and train these church members, helping them to prepare dynamic sermons for your church body.