Josh is part of the MEN'S IMPACT Speaker's team where 2-3 speakers come to your church to present a powerful Saturday morning men's event.

His Most Popular Retreat Topics:


 What Love Really Is!

Defining God As Our Father

Building Significant Spiritual
Moments In Our Lives

Identity: Who’s That Person
 In The Mirror


For Your Teenager!

His Most Popular Single Topics:

Live Like A Champion!

Looking For Love


The Traps of Pornography!

We Can Call Him


Broaden Your Focus:

Think About Your

Finding A Friend

Being the Friend

Enjoying the Friendship


…...don’t let the

gravestones in life

capture you!

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Comments about Josh’s  
 Speaking Ministry

Josh has a passion for Christ and seeing others have their lives changed by His love and grace.

He has an amazing ability to communicate biblical truths to others in a practical way.

I rate him a 5/5!  His ministry is powerful, practical and personal.  

Josh has a real gift for teaching, preaching and communication.

I’ve heard many speakers and wouldn’t rate them as a 5/5, but I have that much confidence in Josh as I have heard him speak many times.  He blesses me each time.


He is a man far above the norm!

This guy knows his Bible!  It makes it exciting!

He lives out the gospel with passion, accuracy and humility.

Students LOVE Josh.  He connects.  He challenges.  He inspires them to be more than the average teenager!!

He is a role model and has strong leadership skills.

Josh is a man of excellence in service to the Lord.

He humble.  He is willing to share his weaknesses so he is relatable, redemptive and challenging.

His attitude to life is Christ-like!  You gotta love this guy!  He hits the nail on the head!

When he spoke to our group, Josh had lots of energy and passion. His motivation to our group  let us keep talking about things he said days and weeks later.

Josh excells in the area of offering ideas to understand God’s truths.  He circles his each idea with stories, illustrations,  and media.  His messages are clear, practical and understandable.  

I can leave with a plan for my life after hearing him speak.

I spoke with Josh after the retreat and found his to be an amazing young man who is very easy to talk with.

He is a great example of a man of service and Christian living.

He has spoken to our high school group on many occasions, usually about 120 kids.  His messages are engaging and highly relatable. He holds his audience. He challenged these kids.  

When he spoke to our group of 80-90 people,his message was powerful and practical.  

He has a huge heart for people, especially those who need the Lord and more of a touch of His love.

Josh is highly enthusiastic. He is naturally engaging and is like a magnet.  He pairs his magnetism with “God-given skills at communicating and a great heart for God.  

He has amazing gifts for evangelism and a heart for people.  



Flexible - depending upon your budget, the number of talks, distance traveled, topic chosen, etc.

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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About Josh and his ministry:  


   Young men of Josh’s spiritual caliber are hard to find.  He loves the Lord, intimately loves the Lord,  strives to serve the Lord, and has dedicated himself to speak powerful messages from the word, He knows how to present each talk  with creativity, challenge,  vulnerability, and practicality.

     He is a popular speaker to youth groups, summer camps, men’s events,  weekend retreats, as well as speaking to singles and young marriages.

     Because he is a teacher, he is available during the summer months for your youth retreats and events.  He comes with RAVE REVIEWS from those with whom he ministers as well as those to whom he has ministered.

       Every word he speaks is fresh, real, practical and points you to Jesus…..and this is because his life is a walking testimony to this pursuit.  

     Way beyond his years,  he is a Caleb and a Joshua all put together.  He’s full of God’s dynamite, and his discipleship of the young men in his life proves this everyday.