Five Steps to Find a Speaker

Many people have told us that the hardest part of putting together a retreat is finding a speaker. Once you have a speaker, things seem to smoothly fall into place. We hope to make that process easy for you, and also to give you confidence in  and to  enjoy the process of choosing a speaker. We want you to be  excited bout the speaker you have selected.

Step 1: Choose option A or B

A. You can search the speakers web pages and suggest a few speakers to our coordinator. Contact her by email or by phone (360) 966-0203.


B. Make an inquiry by filling out and submitting our online inquiry form. Our director knows each of our speakers and does a great job of offering you a few choices that would match your event needs.  Often, she will email each of our speakers and ask them to present some talk outlines for your retreat based upon your ideas and how the Lord leads.  You can then read these over and call a few of them on the phone for some personal conversations.

Step 2: We will contact your chosen speakers to determing their availability for your event dates.  

Step 3: You can contact the speakers by phone (which really gives you a great feel for them as a match for your group). Some have CD's to share, but we have found a phone call gives you a better idea of their ministry.  Some have partial messages on their personal web pages.

Step 4:  Once you decide upon a speaker., we create a contract so that everyone is agreed and informed (on the same “sheet of  music”) about the dates, times, and expectations. We email this to you and to the speakers.  You need to print off a copy for yourself and one to send back to us with a 20% deposit. No speaker is "held" until the deposit is received. If there is air or train transportation involved, the speaker and your committee can work out these details.

Step 5: You can communicate with your speaker via email or phone with any questions. He/She will be thrilled to have prayer support from your prayer team for this event. The balance of the speaker honorarium and transportation fees are due at the time of the event.  

Step 6 - We love receiving feedback after the event.  We get RAVE REVIEWS  with many retreat coordinators saying that “this was the perfect speakers for our group at this time.”   We do like to learn from your comments as well.


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