Eileen “ED” Bryan

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Her Most Popular Retreat Topic:

Lessons from Jeremiah's "Girdle"

Jeremiah is a dramatic character in scripture, and who would have thought he “wore” a girdle.

More talks coming soon!

 More talk titles coming soon.

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  Flexible. Speaks with a servant's heart.

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Comments about  E.D.’S  
 Speaking Ministry

She's so real...down to earth and wise!

E.D.'s life style matches the Word of God!

She makes everything so understandable and real.

She is the best question asker. She asks the deep questions and God honors her with answers!

She relates to young and old alike.

She takes people deeper into truth and benefit for their lives in the Lord.

She is an advocate for women to know
the Lord more personally.

Her presentation style is warm and she loves to laugh and make others laugh. Who else would have a talk called "Giggling Girdles!"

Her actions match her beliefs...a great role
model for everyone!

Her history with the Lord reveals itself in her
character and her compassion.

She relates well in large and small groups alike....and she relates very well!

As a student of the Word, she makes you excited about what it says to us today.

She is always well-prepared and organized when she speaks.

She's a natural teacher. You want to listen to her for hours.

There's nothing to say but SHE IS GREAT!!

She loves to involve the audience when appropriate!

As a professional woman and a mother, her life lines
 up to God's ways!

Single Talk Titles

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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Girdles of Joy


“E.D.” Eileen Bryan