Her Most Popular

Retreat Topics:

The Journey of Identity
Being the Body of Christ
A safe place for authenticity, healing and growth

 Being the Temple of God
Clean-out the storerooms, make room for joy

 Being the Bride of Christ
 Knowing your identity in God’s eyes.

Living in the Light
 for His Name’s Sake

 Conviction, Confession, and Cleansing
 Finding freedom from sin

 Certainty of God’s Forgiveness
 For His purpose and glory

Becoming a Prayer Vessel

 Bearing One Another’s Burdens
 Resting upon God’s Strength

 Riding the Winds of God’s Purpose
 The Power of Faith

Take Up Your Cross:  
Living where Heaven Meets Earth

 Where Heaven Meets Earth
Experiencing the Power of the Cross

 Taking the Cross to the World
The Truth and the Grace
 The Struggle and the Victory

Single Talks

For Mother’s Day:

Faith, Family and Friends

Flowing From the Wellspring of God

For Christmas

Incarnation, Indwelling, and Indigestion

Finding Peace in His Presence

Individual talks mentioned in the retreat topics may be single talks.


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     $125 per session plus travel.

Comments about Donna’s

Speaking Ministry

Donna  is a creative and engaging speaker!

She loves the word and it shows. She makes it come alive to her audiences.

She excels in making Biblical truths practical.

She is an amazing builder of relationships —for people to grow in their relationships with God and with each other.

She builds a climate of trust and rapport.

Her teaching is very effective.

She is committed to living the Bible.  

Her life is transparent -- and what we see is a women not without problems, but an example of how to go to the Lord for those problems and to see victory.

Her creative love is undeniable.

She listens to God’s instructions and for His wisdom.
 Then she shares what she learns with others.

Donna connects well with woman -
especially hurting women!   

She is a woman of mercy, encouragement
and even gentle admonition.

She shares honestly how we can grow in our
 relationship with the Lord.

She’s on the praise team and her life is

one full of praise!  

She practices spiritual disciplines and it shows in her love, wisdom and communication of God’s love.  

She  shows by her life what a Godly woman
 should "look like!"

Her illustrations are awesome.  I follow her and

learn so much.  

She challenges others to pray,  as it is such a
 huge part of her life.

When I think of people who really walk closely with God,  Donna is at the top of the list.  

More people need to hear her share!  There is no question that she lives the truths she teaches.


Donna knows how to challenge us to walk closer to the Lord.  She truly connects with her audience.

She’s a great example to me and others about how to

grow and love God more.

She loves those she teaches!

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

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  About Donna
 and her ministry:


   Donna Mattson is a dedicated servant of Christ, with an overwhelming desire to encourage women. Founder of RockWall Connections, a ministry dedicated to bringing women together, Donna hosts backpacking trips and prayer retreats. Through this unique ministry and her speaking ministry, she shares her heart for the Lord while encouraging women to learn, grow, and heal.

     Donna serves at her home church,  teaches the high school Sunday school class and is a member of the worship team.  Her ministry is widely respected and appreciated.

        Donna's passion is to inspire women to seek the Lord and step out in faith, using their gifts to minister to one another. She shares with unique perspectives and insights into biblical texts. Her love for the Word, coupled with her heart’s desire to communicate Gods love and wisdom makes her a passionate speaker.  

          Professionally, as a Landscape Architect, Donna uses her creativity to design recreational facilities across the United States for the USDA Forest Service. She is currently working nationally to develop partnership coalitions.

      With her amazing husband, she celebrates 25 years of marriage and two wonderful sons, one in the Air Force and the other finishing up high school.

Donna Mattson

Rockwall Connections Ministry