His Most Popular Retreat  and
Single Talk Topics Include:

 - The Genesis Creation Story.

o Many Christians don’t know how God could create in just 6 days, so we either have faith it is true or believe that it took God longer. Dennis explains the advance-level science that actually supports 6 days of creation as detailed in Genesis.

- Hebrews 2:14-18: Jesus also came to free us from the fear of death.

o We all know that Jesus came to bring salvation, but Hebrews also says He freed us from our fear of death.  

- The Future is Bright! 5 New things every Christian should know about science that supports the existence of God.

o Having trouble sharing Christ with non-believing friends, family and co-workers? Try these 5 scientific facts on for size and witness a change in their perspective.

- Cake, Muffins and Cookies: The God Model of Biology.

o Science now favors creation over old-school evolution. Learn 3 major discoveries in science that most Christians don’t know.

- Exploring Heavenly Realms.

o What is heaven like? Where is heaven? Dennis takes Biblical content and incorporates scientific phenomena to help bring heaven to life.

- Exploring Eternity.

o How long is eternity? Is there such a thing? Both the Bible and science say it is so. Let Dennis take you on a fascinating journey of exploring the concept of time.   

- Let’s Pray for Healing Miracles!

o Do you want more physical healings to take place? Dennis gives an uplifting and empowering message incorporating scripture, testimonies and scientific support that will increase your understanding of the authority Christ has given you through prayer.

- Angelic Encounters.

o Have you seen an angel? Many people have had wonderful experiences with angels but don’t talk about them because they think people will think they are nuts. We’ll discuss how normal angel encounters were in the Bible and share some of our amazing testimonies. This is one of Dennis’ favorite talks as he gets to be with people re-living their unique spiritual moments that may have been bottled up for decades.    

- Preparing Our Youth for College.

o As our children go off to college, they are going to face challenges and opposition regarding their faith. Are your children prepared? Dennis presents 5 grounding truths in science that favor God and will boost their beliefs.

- Mining Your Unique Treasure.

o Christ wants us to become fully alive. What is it about Christ that resonates with you? What is your calling? Dennis talks about tapping into the unique treasures inside us all and how we can activate them.  


Single Talk Titles

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Comments about Dennis’s
 Speaking Ministry

He has an incredible gift of teaching and the ability to make big and confusing concepts understandable and in a way that intrigues the audience to want to learn more.

Dennis is delightful to listen to and uses humor also.  
He’s very interesting, encouraging, and relates very
personally to his audiences.

He is bringing truth and wisdom in an area that is vital and missing.

Dennis is an exhorter with the brain of a scientist or engineer who knows how to be a great motivator and teacher.

His energetic message was thought out and easy to follow.

His character is absolutely wonderful…as a husband, father,
teacher and businessman.

His message flows from his beautiful relationships with the Lord.

His testimony of how he came to the Lord is inspiring.

He ignites you when he speaks something fresh.  
His genuine love creates excitement within you.


No questions  shake him!  He has done his homework. He knows his topics.

His wisdom brings you closer to the Lord.  

He beautifully  answers the question: “Where is God in science?”

He constantly seeks the Lord so he can take his audiences right to the feet of the Lord to learn.

Dennis is him to the fullest, living the fullness of his faith.

He draws people in even when it is a difficult subject. He doesn’t shy away from the hard ideas to grasp.

Everything he teaches points back to God.  His illustrations are wonderful and interesting.

His gift and his wisdom needs to be shared with more and more people.  He is a fire starter.  

He shares from his heart, from his wisdom, and from his profound faith in God.

He motivates others with great strength
and love is his big motivator.

His passion for the Lord is contagious. He knows how to trust the Holy Spirit to open up other’s passions.

He builds faith in others as he shares the message that God has put on his heart.  Everyone should hear his message and taste his heart for the Lord.  

His brilliant smile and bright eyes are always

glowing the Lord.

His dedication to truth and how science points right to God.
Dennis knows how to share it so that everyone
 in the audience can receive it.

There is no question that Dennis is a
motivator for people to love the Lord
more and more.

He shares with the main thing in mind…
.that the audience  will go home with
wisdom from the Lord they can apply
to their lives.

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Dennis Zetting

Quantum Creation


  About Dennis and his ministry:  

        Dennis is the Founder of Quantum Creation Ministries and has written the groundbreaking book, A Quantum Case for God, that explains how quantum physics has changed the way science understands the existence of God.

           Dennis had an “ah-ha” moment with God at 2:00  a.m. one Christmas morning over a decade ago that lead him on the road to studying quantum physics of all things. The more he researched, the more this advanced level of science fully supported everything written about God in the Bible, including, creation not evolution, 6 days of creation, omnipresence, omniscience, angels, and unseen heavenly realms.

          As Dennis started to share his scientific discoveries with others, interest grew. There was a hunger for people to know truth in science. Not the kind of philosophies of men as described in Colossians 2:8, but truth that confirms God. Dennis realizes that science isn’t for everyone and our faith takes priority, but it’s good to have this for those who resonate with it.     

     If you are looking for something fresh, exciting, cutting edge and relevant, Dennis is ready to stretch and challenge your thinking. With Dennis’ passion and ability to simplify science you don’t have to be an expert to understand how science is making a 180⁰ shift to support the existence of God, Christ, heavenly realms, angels and more.

          This is becoming the best period in history for science to be a friend of Christianity and is opening new ways to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with family, friends and co-workers that may be opposed to the subject.    

  Dennis attended Trinity Western University in Langley British Columbia where he obtained his B.A degree. He is a member of the American Scientific Affiliation, an organization of Christians in the field of science dedicated to incorporating Christ and God into science.



    A Quantum Case for God

(Available on Amazon or at retreats where he speaks.