Denise Peeler

Her Most Popular Topics:

Each of these can be an entire retreat
or a one-time talk.

Denise will "custom design" a topic for your retreat or special event or you may pick from the topics below:

Divinely Designed

You'll be encouraged when Denise shares about our uniqueness in Christ and how we are perfectly "fashioned" by the Father for the plans He has for us. Many groups combine this one with a fashion show and it is a perfect fit!

Bucket of Abundance

Take a look at the bucket of your life as Denise shows you how God passionately desires love, joy and faith to overflow in and through you. This upbeat message is packet with application, scripture and excitement to live the abundant life God has waiting for you.

Living With A Colorful Faith

On the color wheel of faith we all desire to live in the passionate vibrant faith of daily experiencing God's presence. Unfortunately, too often in our hectic lives we end up having faith that is more a dismal shade of gray. Let's discover how to experience colorful faith and live the abundant life God has designed for each one of us.

Purse of Purpose

Purses are a signature item for any woman. But when we carry spiritual purses of pain, people pleasing, pride or performance we get weighted down. Learn how to trade in these "pitfall purses" for Christ's perfect purse of purpose for your life.

Food For A Starving World

Do you enjoy eating the rich, satisfying food of God's Word? In this talk, Denise will share practical ways to evangelistically share the tantalizing treats made by the Master Chef. (John 21)

Hands For His Handiwork

Learn how Biblical women's hands were used by God to shape a people for His perfect purpose. (Isaiah 49:16)

God's Heart, My Home

Do you want to make God's heart your dwelling place? This talk will inspire you to move into God's heart and fall in love with your new roommate. (Psalm 26:8; Psalm 27:4)

Refreshing Rest

Do you long to find rest from "want" and "worries?" learn about the Shepherd who leads you in paths of peace. (Psalm 23)


Building Character that Lasts

Egyptian pyramids, Mayan temples and the Great Wall of China were all built to last. Do you want to build something in your child that will last? Can we build strong values while living in a society that is crumbling in character? In this talk, Denise presents how we as parents can construct solid character in our children that will lay a foundation for a lifetime.

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Comments about Denise’s  
 Speaking Ministry

"Denise is alive and vibrant. She knows and loves her topic and has passionate faith with her God!!"

"I was amazed by Denise Peeler's memorization of God's word. She made it come alive for me! Very infectious, joyful, genuine love for Christ."

"Denise’s joy is an inspiration and her use of Scripture is powerful. It is obvious that she lives what she speaks."

"Denise Peeler recently spoke at our women's retreat
and I've never heard anyone speak who was
more empowered by God.”

 “She is a gifted communicator that delivers a challenging message appealing to all learning styles. God blessed
my life and stirred my heart through the powerful
messages Denise shared with us."

"Denise Peeler is a woman who seeks after God and knows with confidence when the Lord has spoken to her. Her zeal for the Lord is displayed not only in her words,
but in her lifestyle.”

“When you hear Denise speak, you will hear Jesus. When you watch her life, you will see Jesus. The Lord will encounter you as you spend time with her."

"I have never laughed and cried so much in one night.
Denise's speaking is genuine and life-changing."

"What a privilege it was to have Denise Peeler as the speaker for our women's retreat. She was so enthusiastic in her excitement about following Jesus Christ. She clearly spoke the words of encouragement, of admonition, and of challenge to the women of our church and our community. We laughed with her (she tells great stories) and we cried with her (she reached deep into our souls) and the Lord used her mightily to touch the hearts of hurting women and to point them to the healing only God can provide."

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Denise Peeler

About Denise and her ministry:  


  Denise's continual prayer is to be a "mouthpiece" for God in order to inspire people with a refreshing touch from the Father. She is committed to challenging, encouraging, and showing by example how to find joy and the true richness in life offered by Jesus Christ.

     Combine this with a lot of creativity and humor, and you have the makings for a great retreat or event with Denise as your speaker!
     Denise and her husband are excited about the newest little Peeler addition, Joy, their long-awaited baby girl! As a fourth grade teacher at a Christian school and the Women's Ministry Director for her church, Denise is busy, but she loves the opportunity to minister at women’s retreats and special events all over the U.S., which she has done for over seven years.

      She has also traveled to Japan and Romania and has a great heart for evangelism and missions as well as being able to minister to the specific needs of women.