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About Deborah and her ministry:  


     Dr. Deborah Baker Hampton is the owner, founder, director and author of On Time Ministries and On Time Productions. God has given her the charge to spread His Word through Biblical performances and demonstrational preaching and teaching.
     Dr. Deborah is an Evangelist under On Time Ministries. She has earned a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.) and a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree. Her dissertation for her Doctor of Ministry degree was titled "The Hindrances of Prayer." Dr. Deborah is an Associate Clergy and Arts Ministry Director at her attending church of over ten years.
    Dr. Deborah is Christ-centered and doctrinally sound and presents effective dramatizations, sermons and teachings of God's Holy Word that is thought provoking and life changing to a wide diversity of people.
      Dr. Deborah routinely teaches in various arenas, conferences and revivals and presents workshops, all to the glory of God, and is available to speak and perform for services, workshops, Bible studies, conferences,revivals & retreats.
    Dr. Deborah, the Administrator, is gifted in assembling community festivals, worship arts, music, dramatic programs, events and services that are Christ-centered while pushing the envelope to creatively communicate the message of God. Dr. Deborah is experienced in evangelism,long-range planning, event Public Relationship, entrepreneurial skills, leadership, administrative and managerial abilities in the development of community awareness to serve the Body of Christ, while drawing others to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
     Dr. Deborah, the Playwright and actress under On Time Productions, showcases full original gospel Biblical plays at various performance stages around the community. Dr. Deborah understands what a full program of Dramatic and Interpretive Arts can look like.
      Dr. Deborah, the mime, liturgical dancer and choreographer, is anointed in spiritual dance, which is breathtaking as she expresses God's Holy Word through the spirit of praise and worship deep within her soul.
     Dr. Deborah has a passion for the arts in a Christian context, and shares a dynamic faith in God to bring Christian art to secular, corporate, community and church gatherings with the discernable presence and leading of the Holy Spirit.
      While obligations to ministerial commitments are a priority, Dr. Deborah ensures that her other covenant relationships are well maintained with her family and attending Church. Dr. Deborah is honored to be married to Brother Tony Hampton who is a Sunday school teacher. As a woman of true character, she handles her obligation to serve in ministry alongside her husband with superb devotion. She takes her responsibilities as a wife and servant of the kingdom of God very seriously. As her husband's helpmate she fulfills all of his needs as high priority unto God.
        Dr. Deborah's husband is her number one supporter and assists her at the countless revivals, workshops and conferences she attends.

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  Flexible. Speaks with a servant's heart.

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Comments about  Deborah’s
 Speaking Ministry

“She is a precious sister who truly told us how to walk in healing and restoration. She speaks directly from the Word.”

“She's so open about how the Lord has changed her life.”

“She makes the word come alive in creative ways with drama and dance.”

“Deborah excels - in faith, speech, knowledge and earnestness of the Word of God.”

“Her love for people is so obvious.”

“She is so creative and talented. Her dance, mime, props and speaking brought us closer to the Lord.”

“She helped us see the present of the Holy Spirit.”

“What an outstanding job!”

“Several people came to the Lord.”

“She's an encourager with many following her to have a consecrated life in the Lord.”

“She's transparent, honest. I really appreciated
that at our retreat!”

“Others, new believers and old, can fully understand
the Word and the Lord's direction when Deborah
speaks into lives.”

“Her life and lifestyle is consistent with her
beliefs as a Christian.”

“Deborah is a confident and effective communicator,
one-on-one and in crowds of hundreds.”

“She's inspiring!! She's a woman of discernment and prayer.”

“She's motivated, determined, a strong woman of God, knowledgeable of God's Word, persistent, and conscientious in her Christian walk. I could listen to her every day!!”

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 Deborah has authored a book which teaches Christians how to pray scripture. If you are interested in purchasing her book, please email us and we will get a copy to you!

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Her books are available on Amazon.com