Her Most Popular Retreat Topics:

A Weekend Lifestyle Makeover (retreat)

The Weekend Lifestyle Makeover lessons are designed to help take our focus off what the world says we are, and back on what God says our purpose and value are to Him. Learn how to love yourself as a beautiful child of God.

Take Off Your Mask (retreat)

Take Off Your Mask is designed for all types of relationships, but focusing mostly on our marriage. This weekend series of lessons helps us get real with our feelings and connect with what we want most in life – love!

Reality Check (retreat)

Reality Check will use examples from scripture, mixed with pop culture realty shows like American Idol and Survivor. This interesting and fun series of lessons is designed to give us a total reality check on this Amazing Race we call life.

Friends Forever (retreat)

Sometimes we barely have time in our day for the house chores, work, meals, kids, our spouse, etc…so who has time to nurture quality friendships? But friends can be our “life-line” at times when we need them most. This special “friendship” series of lessons is best shared with someone special in your life.

Fly Like an Eagle (retreat)

Based on the passages found in Isaiah 40:28-31, this series of lessons is a much requested favorite. We will look at how to overcome adversities and learn how to soar and fly with God.

Popular Single Topics Include:

A Woman's Day Message

Not just for Mother’s Day, this humorous and insightful message looks at the various stages of our lives as women and helps us to step back and look at ourselves the way God sees us – blessed.

Legacy Living

Legacy Living is an intimate look at who we truly are and how choices we make in our life affect the legacy that we leave behind for the next generation. What is our epitaph that we leave behind as we take our last breath. Great message for the New Year.

A Thanksgiving Message

Based on Psalm 103, this message is perfect for a special Thanksgiving Service or event.

Jesus Is Knocking

This message is inspired by the famous painting of Jesus knocking at the door. It will challenge us to dig deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Is it just religion…or is it real?

Women Embracing All God Has For Them!

Renewing Hope In Our Lives Through the Holy Spirit

Strong Relationships and Marriages

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Comments about Connie’s  
 Speaking Ministry

We'll call her to come back again to speak at
our retreat, for sure!

She has a way of captivating everyone's attention.

She has the gifted ability to take any Bible lesson and turn it into a real world lesson.

Her love for God and for serving others is very evident!

She turns every topic into fun and personal meaning!

Her love for others and to serve them into a closer presence with the Lord is powerful! Her passion and priority!

She's practical, her messages are applicable and easy to understand without taking anything away.

She seizes God's truths and puts them into practice in her own life.

She let us get to know her -the real her, and we
appreciated that!

Her messages are easy to follow as she is great
at organizing ideas.

She has a passion to see others grow closer to Christ.

Great communicator!I

In addition to a great message, he is a gifted worship leader and piano player.

Her knowledge of the Bible inspires trust!

She lives her faith!

Great examples. I could really relate with her and
apply the truths to my life.

Relates well with the audience --her honesty is powerful!

Her teaching are Biblical and she has a great clarity of thought she passes on to others.

She is serious, well-prepared, and thoughtful.

She is confident in the Lord and attractive both in her appearance and in her message.

Everyone loved and appreciated her message. Excellent!

Each talk was related to daily living. I appreciate that!

Her study on CONTENTMENT was powerful, and
we enjoyed her transparency.

She motives others to love the Bible more and to dig deeper!

She is a loving servant to others in need. She always has an ear ready to listen!

She's not too wordy - a strong speaker and is a very approachable person.

Her messages bring hope and encouragement.

She has a gift to encourage women in God's word.

She engages people - and the messages are so under-standable....even when deep.

She authentic- straight forward, interesting!

I loved the extra activities and ideas that she brought to our retreat. They drew us closer to each other and to the Lord.

A beautiful, motivating person and I'm glad we got to hear her speak.

She's passionate and that is catching! She causes us to love God more - and His word.

You meet her - you know her. She is very much herself - and that is rare these days.

She's very relevant and her deep faith and confidence in God's word is inspirational.

Her wisdom and life experiences reach women in a way that is not typical. She's definitely not a card-board personality.

She brought LIFE to our retreat - through her intimate walk with the Lord.

About Connie  and her ministry:  


    Connie loves God's word - and it has been the power for change in her life.

       She loves to communicate God's great power to love and transform lives through His word.

        She’s a communicator extraordinaire, as seen in both her speaking and her blogging!  With a love of the word, of the women to whom she ministers, and the Lord, she speaks powerfully of the victories the Lord can bring into our lives.

Connie Nice

Connie’s Corner


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