Her Newest Retreat Topics:

          A New Kind of Retreat!

               A New Kind of Friendship!

Tired of facing the back of other people’s heads? This retreat builds relationships and offers some creative options for small group interactions.   Christie has been  developing this new idea for a different kind of retreat…..and committee chairmen are saying, “What a refreshing approach!”  If your goal is to build the relationships of the gals in your church,  give this new approach a try.

Carrying Out God’s CHARGE To Us
In II Chronicles, Israel is given a decisive victory because they “carried out the charge that God had given them.” In this retreat, we look at what that charge is for us today.  Often what is expected of us as Christian women is muddied in the demands of life.  We are always feeling “less than”  and “what can I do?”  Thoughts about our lives include a lot of questioning ourselves. In this retreat, we will see how to have a confident and fruitful life taking on the “charge”  of the Lord.  (2-4 talks)

Partnering With God!!

How we can live and walk and PARTNER with God in this world that is so full of the unexpected!  This is a life-changing perspective on life.  

In this popular retreat topic, Christie talks about:                           

Building A Community of Love-  “One Anothering!”

This is Christie's favorite new retreat series. In this talk, Christie talks about how we can build strong relationships with others in a way that BUILDS "one-another." 1. Seeing the importance of connecting with others; 2. Handling difficult relationships by understanding your unhealthy attachment and relating styles; 3. Seeing how you can serve one another in the Body of Christ. 4. Making small groups and close friendships become powerful healers for your life.

Uniquely Gifted!

Each child of God has a purpose and specific gifts from God to carry out that purpose. In this four talk series, Christie: 1. Defines the gifts (in a way that people say is very applicable and understand-able; 2. Helps you find which gift(s) is/are yours; 3. Talks about the things that keep us from exercising our gifts; and 4. helps us set goals in our lives to get unstuck and step out and use our gifts.

Getting Unstuck:  
Moving on to Maturity!  

What are the FIVE areas for maturing and what are the areas holding you back from getting there? This is an exciting adventure into moving on to a greater intimacy with the Lord as well as a greater effectiveness in your life for the Lord. This is based on the woman in Luke 8 who had the issue of blood and was healed by Jesus.

Our Joyful Transformation

This weekend retreat is four talks centering on our journey choices and God's amazing work in our lives in four areas: 1. I gave Him my heart for healing; 2. I gave God my mind for transforming my thoughts to be His thoughts; 3. I gave Him my life as a living sacrifice to serve Him. 4. I gave Him my will so that His will might be lived out through my life as He created me for that purpose.

Reaching Out
 For More of Him !

In this dynamic retreat weekend topic, we talk about reaching towards better relationships, reaching out to others, reaching for more, and reaching forward as we partner with God. Included is the story of the woman with the issue of blood from Luke 8, seen in a way that joins your heart with hers.

Other Popular Retreat Topics

He Delights in Us!
(2-4 talks)
In this popular retreat topic, Christie speaks from Psalms 18:19, "He rescues us because He delights in us." He rescues us with great delight, like the good shepherd......from ourselves, from difficult relationships, from harm, and from situations that are coming against us, but His rescue is not always what we might imagine or expect! This is a three to four part retreat topic that hits on the practical and God's delightful intervention into our lives!

Being Wise Women In Tough Times

 With the times as they are, we need to know how to be wise and even "tough" for the tough times. In this series, Christie addresses our emotions, our realities, our relationships, and our expectations from God and others using Biblical characters and real life situation from which to glean God's truths.

Being a Heart-Wise Woman

Our Journey Toward
 His Abundance!  

In this retreat, we begin to not only see all God has for us, but how to really receive it into your life.  Jesus came to offer abundance…..but sometimes we are so weary and  don’t know how to receive all the Lord has for us.  How can He become our sufficiency?  

Handling Grace and Truth with Love

In this retreat, Christie talks about relationships and how to love like Jesus loved…..with the balance of Grace and Truth.  Talk #1  - Grace, grace….oh wonderful Grace! Talk #2 - Truth is Sometimes Hard to Swallow.  Talk #3 - Balancing Grace and Truth in Relationships. Talk #4 - Loving Like Jesus Loves

Comments about Christie’s

 Speaking Ministry

"So much more than we ever expected. She met all of our women right where they were."

“She drew me straight into the arms of Jesus.”

“She’s honest, challenging, real, and walks a walk
with the Lord.”

"Practical, funny, right on, real, and personal.....were the words I heard from the other ladies at the retreat all weekend and I fully agreed!! I have been a Christian a long time, and have been to probably 40 retreats..... and this one topped them all."

"I really liked her....how real she was and she kept
my attention!"

"She dealt directly with some things I was dealing with---hard things, and she hit them straight on!"

"So practical....I went home RICH!"

"She was so engaging and fun to listen to, and her sharing from her own experience really underscored her points. I felt I could really apply what she taught–life would not be the same when I got home."

"I feel like I have some awesome new tools to take
home to live life fuller!"

"I loved her note-taking format. Oh, really, I loved everything about her! The weekend was the best yet!”

"I love how she got to know us and mingled with us!"

"She was fun without an ounce of being fake!"

"She's a great communicator who puts her audience at ease!"

"This was so applicable...I loved, loved, loved
Christie being with us."

"Excellent! I loved her honesty. Her insights were unforgettable. I want her back next year!"

"What a great sense of humor!"

"I needed just this renewal this weekend, and she
met me right where I was!"

"She gave us so much to think about! I will never forget her stories."

"I've been to everyone of our women's events and this
was by far the best!"

"We never have the same speaker back the next year for our retreats, but it was unanimous! we wanted her back! “

"We left empowered, with a mission for the health of our personal lives knowing where that health comes from...JESUS.”


"What an answer to prayer she was. We saw God work in the unknown places, and this really brought our women together."

"We heard words of hope....truths we had never heard before, and we knew we were going home changed women!"

She got me laughing and then spoke truth right into the center of my needy heart.”

“She's real....and a woman who touches the felt needs of every woman in the audience. She depends upon God before she opens her mouth to speak."

"She was so available to our women. It's like she knew what each one needed!"

"Christie was believable, so down to earth. She is a provocative speaker- who made me really examine some of the deeper areas of my life..some soul areas."

“I will drive a few hundred miles to hear Christie speak and I was one who wanted to quit going to retreats.”

"I had given up on women's retreats. They were always so ‘foo, foo.’  When Christie starting sharing about her life and God's transforming power......I knew why God wanted me there."

"Christie is an enormously gifted communicator. Her love for the Lord and her Christian passion for women is evident in her interaction with the conferees. She has walked through many of her own life issues, and as a result is able to address each conference with honesty and vulnerability. She has a very "real" and down-to-earth speaking style, which gives her an effectiveness in reaching all types of women through her lively illustrations. Christie is an asset to any women's conference."

"It was so much fun working with Christie on planning our ladies' retreat. She has such great ideas and insights into women's needs."

"Absolutely anointed – Awesome. I could listen to her
for hours and days."

"I especially appreciated Christie’s transparency and humanness. Encouraging and uplifting."

"Christie is such an anointed, gifted, and creative speaker. She speaks and teaches God’s truths with wit, wisdom, and gentle humor. She ministered to me, and I felt God touch my heart of pain, hurt and sadness."

"She's wonderful! Her ability to gently reach out and touch hearts was evident in the way people responded.....
including me!"

Single Talk Titles


Special Occasion Talks

Each of these talks CAN have an evangelical focus, depending on the goal and audience attending your event...just let Christie know your goals for your event.)



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Christie Miller

Fresh Look Thinking

About Christie and her ministry:


        Christie is known for being a woman of the Word who knows how to combine humor and truth to point women to Jesus in a practical and personal way. She has been speaking to groups for over 20 years throughout the United States and Canada.

        Her specialties include: developing healthy relationships with love and truth, building strong communication,  and being very intentional about growing and staying spiritually healthy by holding on to Jesus in this unpredictable and demanding world .
         In addition to her own speaking ministry, she is also part of our Dynamic Leadership Workshop team and the Renewing Women's Hearts teams, as well as being the co-facilitator for the New Hope for Marriage weekend retreat.  Christie is also the trainer for the bureau.
     Christie loves life, even though it has taken her down some rocky roads. She helps women to look at the potential for life's "hiccups" (or even the Tsunamis) as they learn to apply principles from God's word in their everyday lives, even in the midst of seemingly unmanageable tough times.
      As a master story teller, she makes Biblical characters come to life. Audiences love her creative illustrations, and you never know what surprises might come out of her prop treasure chest.
In her 48 years of walking with the Lord, Christie has been involved in ministry at two large evangelical churches and served as the women's coordinator for a county-wide "Power to Change" movement where hundreds came to know the Lord.
      Currently, in addition to speaking and writing, she coordinates Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau and trains speakers to take their speaking ministries to a deeper level. She also teaches English and  drama  to home schooled students where her students say she "makes learning a joy."
     She and her husband of over 37 years have raised two amazing daughters, immensely enjoys her new son-in-laws, and loves grand-mothering!!

A talk by Christie:

A talk by Christie
Loving Difficult People.

 A short testimony
 by Christie
Being In Christ
(Audio of the video)

A short message by Christie from Ezekiel

 Christie has written many different devotionals and has two new BOOK:

When Godly Women Are Overweight: 7 Foundations for Change and 22 Myths We Feed Ourselves.
Purchase this book at



50 Ways Out For Godly Women Who Are Overweight.
(Coming out in Late April, 2017)

She also  has many of her talks on CD.  Please go to www.FreshLookPublishing.com
to purchase a CD or one of her devotionals.