NOTE: Bill always includes audience interaction in his messages to groups.

New Topic:

Experiencing True Community-Developing Relationships That Go Beyond The Superficial


His Most Popular Retreat Topic:

Prayer.....Getting in Touch with His Power

Just Who Are We In Christ?

What do the Biblical Feasts Mean to Us Today?

Behold the Many Attributes of God Identity Theft!

Why Have We Allowed the Enemy To Steal It?

Renewal! Facing and Winning Our Spiritual Battles

Getting Our Finances in Order

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Comments about Bill’s
 Speaking Ministry

Amazing speaker who makes strong and realistic
applications for the audience.

Not a hypocritical bone in his body. He's the real
deal! Honest and caring from the git-go!

Has created outstanding materials for groups on several continents and all across North America.

Bill is always inspirational!

He lives the Godly truths he teaches in all circumstances.

He was so relevant...always is!

He has a keen sense for making the truth applicable.

He motivates leaders and disciples with passion!

Relates to all age groups and areas of life.

He speaks what his soul has learned.

His Bible knowledge is vast, but he knows how to make it personal and practical. His illustrations are TOPS.

Bill's life and presentations are encouraging and a joy.

Great communicator!

Demonstrates amazing discernment offering abundant grace.

His vast array of life experiences add depth to his strong Biblical messages.

He has a huge heart for people!

Top-rated speaker.....knows his Bible and is amazingly creative and practical!

A real heart to communicate so that lives will be changed.

A deep passion for God's truth and power to be evident in his life and in the lives of others.

He is amazing in how he brings the pieces of a message together for a great impact.

Bill is a good listener, knows his audience, and is a very encouraging speaker.

He engages his audiences, both large and small.

He links God's word to real life, using language that is clear and easy to apply.

He open to share from his life and his journey to
know the Lord better.

He lives out what he believes and what he
encourages others to do.

He loves the Lord, the Word and is an all-around great guy.

Bill is personable, engaging and uses this to speak God's word to exhort those around him.

People at our retreat left HAPPY - please will all they had learned and been able to apply to their lives. we walked away feeling stronger and knowing what choices to make and how to make them.

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Books and Resources Audio And Video  

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 The Invisible Jesus
Professional Christian
 Miracle Man

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Flexible: Depends upon location, size of group, your budget, and the topics chosen. Consult bureau coordinator for fees.

Topics for Leadership Workshops

Single Talks

Great Expectations

Appreciating and Understanding Failure Understanding

 The "Gray" Areas of Life

Grace and Legalism

 How Can a Good God Allow Evil?

How Can a Good God Allow Pain and Suffering?

Cultural Christianity (pastors and church leaders)

Everybody Hurts (single message)

Prayer: a Different Perspective.

Leaving Your First Love

The Irreducible Minimum (the greatest Commandment)

The Dignity and Well-Being of People God’s

Unconditional Acceptance

Bill’s Christian Fiction Novels

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Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

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Bill McConnell

Compelling Faith


About Bill and his ministry:  

 Bill has a passion for Christ, men’s ministry, discipleship and for encouraging the church and church leaders. As a speaker, he reaches audiences of all ages and spiritual backgrounds.

    Not only does he enjoy impacting men’s church groups, but he also has been called to train pastors to use their churches to develop mature disciples who know how to multiply their faith to others. This includes starting church-led pastoral training movements in the Philippines, Bolivia and Colombia.

    As well as being passionate about speaking practical truths from scripture, he also enjoys writing. He has authored two books. Professional Christian? , a non -fiction work written for pastors and church leaders and Invisible Jesus, a novel.

     Over the years, he has written small group curriculum for both TNET International and Foundations Global working as a church consultant. After graduating from Multnomah University, Bill and his wife made their home in Portland, Oregon.