Her Newest Retreat Topics:

Life Without Limits (3 sessions)

This teaching explores the Old and New Testament concepts of grace, mercy, and forgiveness, plus Ann’s personal experiences, in order to grasp a Biblical understanding of these important, foundational Christian topics.

• Growing in Grace

• Moved by Mercy

• Freedom of Forgiveness

Healthy Relationships (2-3 sessions)

Is it possible to develop and maintain healthy relationships with other women in the body of Christ? Is there a Biblical pattern to follow? This teaching delves into this difficult topic, looking in depth at:

• A Biblical relationship model

• Handling relationship hurts

• Building Blocks for the how-to of healthy relationships

I’m Satisfied. Are you Satisfied? (1-2 sessions)

Psalm 16:7-11 is the passage for this teaching that pursues the heart of the Christian life . . . our personal walk with God.

• Does God really satisfy?

• Is God able to fill the ‘holes in my heart’?

• How do I find unquenchable joy?

Mary & Martha: Learning from the Sisters (3-4 sessions)

Two sisters. Different priorities. Loved by Jesus. Lessons from both.

• Is it okay to be organized, efficient, and task-oriented like Martha?

• What if I love to sit, study, and read like Mary?

• What if I am a blend of both Marty and Martha?

• Exploring the lessons we learn from these two sisters.

Silver and Gold . . . Treasures from God’s Word (2-4 sessions)

This topic is a study of the themes that are linked to silver and gold in the Bible. For ladies who like jewelry, bling, and all things that glitter, this intriguing study examines the subjects God considers as important as silver and gold. The metallic topics included are:

• Our Words

• Time

• Touch

• Tears

• Trials and Tribulations

An Invitation to Dance (2-3 sessions)

This series of talks explores our perceptions that keep us from accepting God’s invitation to be in relationship with him or to dance with him. The fairy tale of Cinderella is incorporated in learning about ourselves and how God sees us as beautiful.

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  • Single talk - $200-$350 

• All Day Retreat - $300-500 

• Weekend Retreat - $600-$850

• Please note:  These fees are flexible to smaller groups. Be sure to call for more details. 

Comments about Ann’s  
 Speaking Ministry

"Ann has an amazing ability to reach women's hearts with a message of grace."

"She unites women to come into prayer....believing God for amazing things."

"She has a fresh walk with the Lord....a woman who has been with her Lord."

"Her transparency and honesty brought women into a place of trust."

"Women can't help but be transformed when they are at one of her conferences."

"Ann is a beautiful lady of warmth."

"Her ministry is real!"

"She is a gifted musician and speaker."

"She gives the women all she has!"

"Women are quickly drawn to her honesty
and love for the Lord."

"When you follow your calling from the Lord, like Ann has, He is powerful through you!"

"Her knowledge of the Word transcends into her testimony to give glory to God."

"She is a woman whose life is beyond reproach."

"She challenges women to move towards
maturity in the Lord."

"God uses her to inspire change in other women to become more Godly and caring people."

"Her wisdom and grace as well as her natural concern for others allow her ministry to be powerful for the Lord."

“She’s full of grace and truth.  I love listening to her and am challenged by her!”

“I love her illustrations and props.  It’s so easy to GET what she is saying!”


Single Talk Titles


What God’s Word says about God’s Word

 (1 session)

This is an interactive teaching that delves into the scriptures, looking at the features, values, and benefits of God’s Word to believers. This is a creative and insightful approach to the practicality of the scriptures. Extra time is needed so that small groups have adequate time to look up assigned verses and report to the group.


Becoming Soul Sisters (1 session)

Ann shares the dynamic principles and the beauty of a Biblical relationship with another woman. Listening to her share the practical how-to's of beginning and developing this type of "soul sister" relationship is inspiring and encouraging. She tells about her own experiences with her Soul Sister. This type of relationship is based on the exciting principles of intimacy, authenticity, and accountability to God and one another. It incorporates how-to suggestions for those wanting to get started.

In the Presence of Jesus (45 minutes)

This powerful combination of scripture and music takes the listener through themes found in God’s Word, encouraging each individual to learn to hear God speak through His Word. Incorporated into the scripture reading are opportunities for the listener to respond with singing.

Single Talks

O Come, Let us Adore Him (45 minutes)

This presentation combines praise music with scriptures related to the birth of Jesus. It incorporates listening to scripture being read and responding with worship and singing. A nice touch for your Christmas celebration! 

Holiday Message

Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

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About Ann  and her ministry:  


 When Ann ministers....women remember....women reflect....women are inspired!

Ann has a gentle sense of humor that matches her constant smile. She encourages others to experience the reality of God's Grace in relationship with our Lord, in friendships, and in His Word.

One of her greatest joys is seeing other people "get it" and go deeper in their relationship with the Lord! Ann has a heart for women, the gift of encouragement, and the ability to simply share truths from God's Word.

Ann graduated from Cincinnati Bible College with a double major in English Bible and piano performance. She has worked as a free-lance piano accompanist with vocal and instrumental performers and was part of the music faculty at Willamette University in Salem for eight years. Ann and her husband of 43+ years live in Oregon. They have two grown sons and are grandparents.

Ann Snelling

Ministry of Grace