Her Newest Retreat Topics:

Hearing the God Who Speaks

To be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, one must know how to hear Him. Discover how God speaks to people and how you can develop a closer relationship with Him. God-driven Motives: It is commendable to desire for God to minister through you, but why do you want Him to do that? Discover the reason behind your desires and learn how to discern the difference between selfish ambitions and godly ones. God looks on the heart and is concerned about the motives of your heart.

Embracing Your Spiritual Gifts (three talks)

The Joy of the Lord

The Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength. It also tells us that a merry heart does good like medicine. Come and be strengthened as the joy of God is released in and through you. Take your merry heart God-pills. And see healing flow into your body. Where there was once depression, discouragement or a bad case of the “blahs," let God give you a new nature and a Christ-like attitude.

Living on Purpose.

This series is based upon Jer. 29:11. Did you know a recent  survey showed that  85% of people worldwide hate their jobs.  How about you?  Are you confident in who you are and what God has for you?  If not, discover who you are, and the plans God has for you.  Topics include defining your definition of success, exploring different personality types, strengths and weakness, and creating a plan to begin your journey in discovering God’s destiny.

Developing Your Relationship with God

This teaching includes practical steps in how to enhance your relationship with God.  Topics include how to hear God, how to know His will and how to encounter His presence.  You will gain new insight into knowing who God is and knowing who you are in Christ. 

Living Life Well

In this retreat series you will discover the key elements in your life that are necessary for you to manage, and set up an organized system that works for you.  You will discover how to overcome obstacles that block you from success.  You will learn strategies that you can implement into your life to live your life well.

Skills in Communication

In this series of talks you will identify the causes and patterns of conflict and acquire techniques to empower you to develop the communication skills you need to enhance your life.  If you are ready to develop your people skills, then this teaching is for you.

To Thine Own Self Be True

This series is full of  biblical principles of healthy self-esteem.  Learning to laugh at yourself and lighten ing up is a great way to express self-acceptance.  Alice will share some of her struggles and funny stories about enhancing your concept of self.  Knowing who you are and being confident in that is essential for growth and for change in your life.  Come and discover concepts that will encourage you to be a friend to yourself.

Take Care

In order to accomplish your dreams, health and wellness are important.  Come and learn simple tips in how to increase your energy, reduce stress, be more positive, and think more clearly.

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  Her honorarium is flexible/negotiable. She loves to serve!
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Comments about Alice’s
 Speaking Ministry

"Alice is a motivator and a strong communicator of truth."

"Alice is a great encourager!"

"Here's a woman who knows God's word and loves to obey it!"

"She's an eagle of faith!"

"She has responded to life in some very tough places."

"She is a truly amazing woman of God"

"She is a rare find! I give her top ratings."

"Her ability to communicate through experience, compassion, humor and unconditional love is amazing!"

"She'll have you laughing and then communicate a
truth that you are sure to get because she knows
how to prepare a heart."

"Alice has a gift for discernment."

"I loved that she prayed for me right there...
and her prayers are powerful."

"She's in touch with women's hearts and with the Lord and knows how to connect them!"

"She's quite a woman of faith."

"Positive Faith! That's how I would describe her."

"She passes her knowledge and grace in spiritual victorious on to those to whom she is speaking."

"After I heard her speak, I just wanted to go home and believe God afresh in my life."

"She is a woman who lives the truth she teaches!"

"The passion she has to go deeper with the Lord is transferred to the groups to whom she speaks.”


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Alice Maryniuk

Above and Beyond Ministries

About Alice and her ministry:  


   Alice has been a professional life coach since 1997, coaching individuals and businesses on managing change and improving communication. In addition to her coaching and speaking ministry, Alice is an author and a popular columnist.

   With her creative teaching style, Alice offers a message of hope that Jesus came to give life and to give it more abundantly. She is anointed to teach, preach and pray for others to bring forth emotional and physical healing.

    Alice is committed to helping people overcome obstacles in their lives that keep them from walking in the fullness of the extraordinary power of a loving God. How many times have you said, "I need to change this in my life" only to remain trapped in the same cycle? As Alice speaks, she shares truth and her personal testimony of overcoming the traps of intimidation, rejection, fear, depression and sickness. She teaches biblical principles of freedom that can be applied to any situation.

She has a tremendous grasp on the practical ways to see God's leading in the lives of others. If you have her come and speak, you will love her spirit and will see the grace of God as she shares truth along with humorous stories from her life.

Alice and her husband Bob co-host a TV Show called “Above and Beyond” on Canadian Television every Sunday afternoon.