About Us.

Our Director,  Christie Miller

Our History  
Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau formed over 20 years ago to serve Christian churches, retreat centers and special events with dynamic, relevant, and Biblically-based speakers  who have a calling and a gifting to serve the Body of Christ with a servant’s heart.  

      We began after our director attended a retreat that seemed to be very “superficial.”  That was when God gave her the calling to bring together called and gifted speakers with relevant and powerful (lived-out in their own lives) messages.
      Since our beginnings, we have received rave reviews from committee chairmen and church leaders.  Our web page is designed for you to see a speaker’s background and talk titles, making it easy to “shop” for a speaker.  You can also contact our director for some help in identifying a speaker who would best fit your group, your event, your priorities,  and your topic.

          Many people say that once they have identified their speaker the event is so much easier to plan.  Most churches who use our services come back again and again since we have such a great variety of speakers.   It is common to hear the phrase, “We are back again for another great speaker for our  newest event.”  

        We offer speakers for all kinds of events,  and we love working with you to find the perfect speaker for your event.




  We are a BUREAU meaning we personally know each of our speakers. We are not a listing agency.  We don’t represent anyone we do not know. Each of our speakers is required to come to our training workshops/evaluation sessions where we carefully discern the quality of their messages.  Each speaker has also signed our Statement of Faith.

          Christie has a passion for retreat and church event ministries.  Her life has been greatly touched at such events by speakers who shared their hearts and their journeys with her in a personal way with transparency.  Doing this to the glory of God is her heart’s goal.
        Christie assists church leaders and committee chairmen as they pray and seek the speaker God would have for their event each year.  You can contact her via email or by phone.

       She knows each of our speakers personally, and loves walking event planners through the exciting discovery process of deciding upon a speaker.  Give her a theme, a speaker suggestions, or just a date and an event description, and she can help match up a speaker to your group.  

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Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau

Serving churches and retreat centers and Christian groups for over 18 years.  
We would love to  serve the Lord by serving you!

   Email us or give us a call and we would be delighted to walk you through the process of finding an amazing speaker you can feel confident about coming to speak to your retreat or special event.  

Contact Us at: www.NWSpeakers.com (web)


Or   Info@NWSpeakers.com  (Emails)

360-966-0203  (phone)

We are headquartered in Bellingham, WA but serve the entire United States and Canada.  Most of our speakers live on the west coast.  Each of their individual web pages shows the area from which they would need to travel to your event.

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Speakers’ Fee Considerations:

        When we organized Northwest Christian Speaker Bureau,  our greatest priority  was to serve the Body of Christ.  Many churches are pleasantly surprised to see they really can afford a professional, outside speaker.  Each speaker sets his or her own fees and these are usually based upon the number of talks,  travel time,  size of group, and if the topic you choose is a new one to the speaker.   You can tell us your budget!   

        Fees for speakers range from $150- $800 for a single talk and $400-$1800 for a weekend event, depending on your speaker choice and  the items mentioned above.  You can see the individual speaker pages for each speaker’s fees or contact us.  We will usually ask you for your budget and then work with you from that point. Some of our speakers graciously offer flexible fees to accommodate smaller organizations or special needs. Again, tell us your budget.  Even though an idea of fees might be listed on a speaker’s page it never hurts to ask.  If God puts a specific event upon a speaker’s heart, he/she will definitely work with you.  

          One idea we use to calculate a fair speaker fee is asking, “How much would a typical person pay to see a movie?”  Maybe $8, $10 or $12.  Then shouldn’t a Christian speaker have that value per attendee to the event? Another statement we say is, “I’m free. You are “renting” me from my family!”  
        Additional costs to be considered include travel (air fare or 45 cents per mile, if driving) and any housing and meals involved in the event.  Many of our speakers love to stay in private homes if the event is at your church.  Please contact us for specific information about costs.